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Classic Fast Show Clips

Growing up one of my favourite shows was Harry Enfield in lads. Later Paul Whitehouse, one of the stars of the Harry Enfield show, was involved in a classic sketch show called The Fast Show. Some of the sketches missed the mark but there were loads of fantastic clips too. …


Modern Warfare 2 : Amazing Knife Throw

It’s almost a week since I’ve been playing Modern Warfare 2. Up until I got the game I played it’s predecessor Call of Duty 4 (Modern Warfare 1) every week. I got that game 2 years ago but the follow up, Call of Duty 5: World at War, wasn’t as …


David Caruso

7 mins of David Caruso one liners. Amazing! He’s become a bit of a cliche but you gotta love it. Jim Carrey does a great impression of him, check it out below.

World of Warcraft Fail

And they say video games are addictive!! Note to self, never cancel someones World of Warcraft account!

Mos Eisley

Great stuff from Peter Serafinowicz.

Best of Leon Black

After Larry himself, Leon Black is arguably the funniest character in Curb your Enthusiasm. He’s always helping Larry out but inevitably, makes every situation worse by accident. Below is a quality roundup video of some of his best moments. Enjoy :)

Kanye West

I had to laugh when I read about Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swifts acceptance speech at the MTV Video awards to tell the world that Beyonce should have won. I’m really not sure who to feel embarrassed for : Taylor, Beyonce or Kanye himself. Seriously, the guy is delusional. I …


Inglourious Basterds

I went to see the new Tarantino film Inglourious Basterds this afternoon with some friends. The reviews have been a little mixed but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s arguably his best film after Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. Brad Pitt’s accent was a bit over the top for my liking, …


I am Legend – Alternate Ending

Although many people were’nt huge fans of it, I really enjoyed Will Smiths I Am Legend when it was released two years ago. It was based on a book on the same name which was released in the 50s. Like many book to film conversions, the screenplay differed from the …