Inglourious Basterds

I went to see the new Tarantino film Inglourious Basterds this afternoon with some friends. The reviews have been a little mixed but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's arguably his best film after Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs.

Brad Pitt's accent was a bit over the top for my liking, infact his whole character was a bit ott. The star of the film was undoubtedly Christoph Waltz, the Austrian Actor who played the German ‘Jew Hunter' Hans Landa. He has already picked up Best Actor at this years Cannes Film Festival and I have no doubt that this will be followed up with an Oscar nomination next year. He was beautifully charming one minute and then disarmingly hostile the next. Fantastic performance.

If you enjoy war films I recommend seeing it, at least to see Hans Landa and Hugo Stiglitz (Til Schweiger) in action!!. Tarantino has went against the norm of following facts and figures to a T and has instead written an alternate timeline, which gives him an enormous amount of room to play with. It isn't a film which takes itself as seriously as Thin Red Line or Saving Private Ryan though it is by no means a comedy either :)

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