Banners Mall Suck

I have been looking to get some banners design for BloggingTips lately. I’m going to promote the main blog and the forums on some related blogs.

For years I used 20 Dollar Banners but my email to them was never replied to so last Friday I placed an order at Banners Mall. They told me 3-4 days max on their website so on Tuesday I contacted them for an update as I hadn’t been emailed. They later replied and told me that it would be finished by the next morning. Wednesday morning came and went. I emailed again on Wednesday and Thursday for an update and got no reply so on Friday I lodged a dispute with PayPal. Finally, today (Saturday), 8 days later I get an email from them saying

Kevin…our designer has not responded to us with your banner…havent been able to get a hold of him. I’m very sorry about that…did you receive a refund yet? otherwise I will make sure you receive your banner today.

When I told them I just wanted a refund they said I would get it later today (I still haven’t got it).

I’m still looking for a decent banner design service so if you know of any please let me know. If you’re looking for some banners designed yourself, do yourself a favour and avoid Banners Mall like the plague.

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