Some random affiliate emails I have received this week

I get bombarded with emails from affiliates every day. I do unsubscribe from some and spam others however I do keep tabs on some on the offchance there is a good promotion or good news story.

Here are a two I have received this week.

From CasinoBlasters

Hi Kevin Muldoon,

Hope all is well.

I tried calling you with the phone number you had originally signed up with XX XX XX unsuccessfully.

Can you email me the best number to reach you, so I can discuss important information on how to increase the revenue you generated for yourself with Casino Blasters?

This is in regards to your account with username XXXX that to date has generated $10,187.68.

I look forward to hearing from you,


I have to admit, I wasn’t aware I made this much from just the one site. I am tempted to create a casino related site to see if I can generate some more income from it. From the looks of it the competition is a lot tougher, I wouldn’t go as far as saying the market is saturated, but it’s definately a lot busier than it was when I was developing some casino sites around 2002 & 2003.

From PepperJamNetwork

Dear Kevin Muldoon,

You have been terminated from the WebmasterRadio.FM affiliate program. Please remove your links, as you will no longer be eligible to receive a payout for leads or sales generated. This decision was made based on a variety of reasons, and we wish you luck in your future affiliate marketing endeavors.

Thank you.

Affiliate Team

Absolutely no explaination why I was dropped from the affiliate program though I assume this decision was obviously from webmasterradio and not PepperJam. I wasn’t promoting them so maybe thats a reason however it just seems strange that they would accept my site and then decide to reject it less than 2 months later. Would have been good if they told me why instead of just saying a ‘variety of reasons’. Oh the joy of being vague!

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