Dropship to the USA With Ease With MerchMixer

Even if you didn’t realise it, if you have bought anything online, you’ve bought something that was “Dropshipped” to you. This means that the seller never held the goods. They simply received your order and then shipped the product to you via a third-party dropshipping company. Dropshipping has always been …


Great Dating WordPress Themes for 2021

Online dating is one of the most profitable niches avaiiable to internet marketers. You can make a lot of money as an affiliate, but you could potentially make more money by launching your own dating website for a specific market. When I launched my first dating affiliate website in the …


Kata WordPress Theme

Kata – The Advanced WordPress Theme That is Free to Download

The 2000s are remembered as the time when the vast majority of WordPress themes were free and the 2010s can be remembered as the “Decade of the Premium WordPress Theme”. If the Kata WordPress theme succeeds, perhaps the 2020s will become the “Decade of the Freemium WordPress Theme” :) Developed …


Wikipedia DaVinci Resolve

Switching to the Amazing DaVinci Resolve Video Editor

Adobe Premiere Pro is an advanced video editor that comes with many great features. Those features do come at a price, with the software costing £19.97 per month here in the UK. Premiere Pro is included in Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite of apps, which costs £49.94 per month. I have …


Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi 400 – The Computer That’s Inside a Keyboard

The Raspberry Pi 400 is was announced last week by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It’s essentially a modified Raspberry Pi 4B which has been built inside a nice white/red chiclet style keyboard. As soon as I saw the annoucement, I ordered the Pi 400 from The Pi Hut. It’s available …


Guest Posts

SEO Companies are Getting Guest Posts All Wrong

If my daily emails are anything to go by, all you need to call yourself an SEO expert these days is a Gmail account and cheap email blasting software to spam the crap out of half the internet. In an average week, I get around 25 emails from “SEO Experts” …


Affiliate Programs

5 Affiliate Programs That Make Me Money

To say that 2020 has been a crazy year for everyone would be an understatement. Few of us were prepared for Covid or a world where no one knew how to deal with it. Like everyone else, I’ve had many few ups and downs myself this year. I’ve sadly lost …


Boxer Fist

Case Study: Selling an Old Website at a Huge Loss

It is common for those who work online to share their successes with the world. Whether it be a successful launch of a new product, a new sales record or a new social media milestone, people who work online do like to pay themselves on the back to demonstrate social …



Taking My Tech YouTube Channel in a Different Direction

I do not enjoy sitting analysing statistics all day long, but from time to time it is important to review things. When I began to analyse traffic stats for my technology channel recently, it quickly became apparent that I need to change things moving forward. The channel continues to grow …


The Only Reason to Join a YouTube Network

YouTube Changes Mid-Roll Ad Break Policy

YouTube refers to any advertisements during a video as a “Mid-Roll Ad Break”. On 27 July 2020, YouTube introduced some changes to mid-roll ad breaks that change the number of advertisements that are shown during YouTube videos. Since most of my videos are longer than eight minutes, these changes effect …