Ending My Newsletter Was the Best Thing I Ever Did

Five months ago I decided to close my newsletter. I explained my reasons in detail in an article entitled “I Do Not Want Your Email Address“.

Why I Am Giving Up On Email Marketing

This decision went against everything internet marketers tell you to do.

Across the board, the vast majority of internet marketers and bloggers state that “The Money is in the list”. They stress the importance of collecting email addresses so that you have direct access to subscribers.

So was cancelling my newsletter the right thing to do?

Five months on, I believe it was one of the best decisions I have made online.

Connecting with Readers in a More Personal Way

The primary purpose of any content creator is to connect with an audience.

I never believed that email marketing was the most effective way of connecting with people. It is at the heart of my decision to stop being involved in email marketing.

I reflect on this issue in the video below.

Why Stopping My Newsletter Was the Right Decision

What do you think about email marketing? Do you still believe it is right for you?

Please share your opinion on this in the comment area below.



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