I’m Going to WordCamp Edinburgh 2017

Tomorrow I am attending my first event WordCamp in Scotland. WordCamp Edinburgh is on this weekend (22/23 July) in a really good venue called CodeBase. The venue sits just below the iconic Edinburgh castle.

It was only last month I was in Paris for WordCamp Europe. This will be my fifth WordCamp overall.

Previously, I have attended three of the larger European events and a smaller event in Belfast. WordCamp Europe is always a blast, but I really enjoyed the smaller event in Belfast last year. It felt a little more personal.

A Weekend in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a beautiful city that is steeped in culture and history. I worked and lived there for a year when I was 23 and enjoyed every minute of it.

My goal this weekend is just to meet like-minded people from within the WordPress industry and enjoy myself. There are some fantastic talks being held this weekend, but if I missed one or two in order to chat with people, I won’t be concerned, as I like to go with the flow and not stick to a schedule.

Be sure to check out the Rise Forums YouTube Channel as I might upload some videos when I’m there to show you guys the venue.

Check out my video below to hear my thoughts on me attending WordCamp Edinburgh this weekend.

I'm Going to WordCamp Edinburgh

Speak soon guys :)


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