The GiveGetWin Premium WordPress Plugin Megadeal

GiveGetWin is a website that encourages companies to donate their products and services for the benefit of a charity.

Chris Beymer contacted me last week about their latest deal entitled the WordPress Plugin Toolbelt. Over $250 worth of products are included in this toolbelt, yet the package is being sold for only $14.97.

WordPress Plugin Toolbelt
The package provides fantastic value for money.

100% of the profits are going to a charity called Sun Saluter. This non-profit organisation builds solar panels in India to help people get on the electrical grid.

The WordPress Plugin Toolbelt

Below you will see a list of all the products and services that are included in the deal.

  • W3 Total Cache Pro – A copy of the pro version of the caching plugin W3 Total Cache that retails for $99.
  • Devkit – A useful developer kit for WordPress that retails at $21.
  • Social Commerce – A WooCommerce Facebook plugin that integrates Facebook on online shops. Retails at $79
  • Expo360 – A 360 degrees Javascript product viewer that sells for $9.
  • Image Optimizer – An image optimiser. 1,000 optimised photos are provided. This plan sells for $9.
  • Easy Content Types – Allows you to create custom post types in seconds. Retails at $39.
  • Rise Forums – A membership to the greatest internet forum in the universe (not that I’m biased, honest). Worth $10.

The deal would be worthwhile if it was just W3 Total Cache Pro being sold, but there are lots of other great products thrown in to sweeten the deal.

I highly recommend checking it out. It’s a great offer and all proceeds are going to a good cause.

Good lucl.

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