25 Excellent Adobe Muse Templates

When considering the use of an Adobe product, one might immediately assume that you’re going to need complex skills such as coding or graphic design. However, Adobe Muse is a little different.

Although Muse is generally utilized by web developers, it cuts out the need for coding, making it far more simple for the average user.

Muse presents a free-form website design tool, so you’re not restricted by set templates. This means your design can turn out as unique and creative as you want.

Starting from scratch doesn’t bode well for most web designers, so I like the idea of grabbing an Adobe Muse template, at least to get the ball rolling.

Similar to WordPress, you can find some excellent Muse templates on places like ThemeForest, and from third-party developers. Options include premium and free solutions.

If you’re interested in the best of the bunch, keep reading to find some pretty cool Muse templates for your projects.

1. Tersus – $22

With the Tersus Muse template you gain access to a beautiful business portfolio solution. The primary template includes around 14 demos for your convenience, and the responsive nature of the templates show up great on mobile devices.

We like it best for more creative businesses since it comes with some Adobe Edge Animate CC project files, Font Awesome icons and a dynamic slideshow for presenting your images.


2. Cannela – $21

Cannela serves restaurants and cafes, with a responsive layout and options for one page or multi-page setups. The reservation form provides the primary functionality on the templates, while the contact form is a nice way to stay in touch with customers.

A menu shows up on the homepage, and a full gallery presents pictures of food and drink. Layered PSD files are packaged in with the Cannela template, and the fading effects ensure that you can grab attention from your customers.


3. Yuga – $25

Consider the Yuga Muse template if you’re thinking about sharing information about an app, tech product or even services for your customers. This is a six in one template with tools for parallax effects and beautiful responsive elements.

Yuga is one of the highest rated Muse themes on the market, and it comes with a custom theme with a Google Map. CSS3 animations and transitions are built into the theme, while the lightbox, Typekit web fonts and smooth scrolling scripts combine for the ultimate user interface.


4. LLUMIA – $19

With LLUMIA you can choose whether you’d like the menu to reside on the left hand side or the top of the page. It’s by far one of the more impressive wedding themes for Muse.

The parallax effects are useful for the homepage, and the one page layout keeps people interested in your content, considering they don’t have to go all over your website to find it.

A mobile version comes with the theme, and the clean and organized smart layers make for quick development. Along with contact form support and free updates for life, you can’t go wrong with this one.


5. Skywell – $28

Skywell provides around 20 homepage designs and 100 page designs, making it a versatile solution for your website. Several portfolio styles are packaged in, and the various effects are rather unique.

The responsive design has rollover effects, and you can combine the theme with Ecwid for eCommerce. We like it for businesses, magazines and portfolios.


6. Muse Builder – $20

Muse Builder has an area to show off your portfolio, but the standout feature is the parallax background. The theme runs on a one page layout, and the fullscreen video slideshow is sure to grab attention.

We enjoy the use of TypeKit and Font Awesome elements, since the companies that use this template are a little more creative.


7. Knuckles – $15

The Knuckles template serves as a simple business theme, with around 11 core pages to adjust and a 960 grid system. The multiple sliders create a more visual site, while the portfolio filters guide users through your work. You also gain access to Google Maps and a contact form.


8. MixMaker – $25

The most popular Muse theme for DJs is called MixMaker. The theme has a colorful and playful vibe to it, and you receive multiple social media buttons and a beautiful slider.

The theme is easy to edit, and the responsive layout ensures that users see your content on mobile devices. The YouTube widgets can display DJs on the job, while the Soundcloud optimization plays right from the start.


9. Aura – $19

Aura is all about portraying your portfolio in a professional light. The theme offers a beautiful menu on the left hand side, while all of the portfolio items are placed in a grid to the right.

The minimal design shows up on tablets and phones, and you get a few PSD files for the ultimate customization.


10. ReWalk – $20

Try out the ReWalk template if you’re thinking about making a professional business website with Muse.

Along with responsive pages and a clean header, you receive 15 customizable content blocks to display your products and services. For example, one of the content blocks is used for testimonials, while another displays people from your team.


11. BookSeller – $18

The BookSeller template has one job: To sell more books for authors. It all starts with multiple branding colors, and this leads into the header modules with overlaying text and Buy Now buttons.

The social media buttons are handy, and you can integrate with Gumroad to collect money from sales. The subscribe and contact forms keep you in touch with readers, and the Typekit web fonts come as a little bonus as well.


12. Del Gusto – $19

The Del Gusto template assists restaurants, with a tasty-looking header for images of your menu items. The responsive theme has full screen images, and the parallax effect generates a more creative experience.

The pinned navigation keeps customers on the right track, while the full shop and reservation section come together to bring in more customers for your restaurant.


13. John Parallax Resume – $25

Here’s a Muse template that gets people excited if they’re trying to build an online resume. It has a few parallax features, and the full screen header pairs with large typography.

Along with resumes, you can build portfolios and CVs, all with the help of the one page design, over 100 Typekit fonts and 400 Font Awesome icons.


14. Creative – $19

For a more feminine look we’d recommend the Creative template. It has options for resumes and portfolios, so you could use it for a marketing agency or an individual freelance business.

A blue version is provided if you’re a male, and the parallax scrolling, lightbox and contact form all come together for an effective business platform.


15. Profile – $29.99

Going along with the previous few portfolio and resume templates, the Profile solution is yet another option with a large fullscreen image and typography for explaining what it is you do.

The responsive layout includes animated infographics, and you can share your experience and awards in a resume-like fashion. Testimonials are included, and social media buttons assist with expanding your reach to customers.


16. Coming Soon Pack 1 – $29.99

Whether you’re holding a business event or a wedding, the Coming Soon Pack 1 template has a few demos for multiple branding opportunities.

Each of the demos provide countdown timers, along with a simple area to collect email addresses. Background imagery is supported as well.


17. Enlight – $29.99

Churches also have an opportunity to utilize Adobe Muse, and it all starts with the Enlight theme. The responsive template features a fullscreen slider for photographs, and right below that you can adjust service times.

Event management tools are included, and you can link up to all of your church’s social media pages too.


18. Frost – $29.99

The Frost template sets the tone with gorgeous visuals and somewhat feminine looking colors. It’s not a bad solution for restaurants or sweet shops, since you get parallax effects, tons of image support and a module for users to find your locations.

Display menu items, and feature the people who work behind the scenes. What’s really cool is that you can utilize the video header for welcoming people to your website and explaining what you offer.


19. Technicool – $19

As one of the more impressive eCommerce templates for Muse, the Technicool design is a minimal, multi-purpose option for integrating with Ecwid.

The theme offers multiple page layouts, along with clean smart layers. A contact form is supported, and you can organize your products into grids, product pages and sliders.


20. Eshra Photography – $20

The Eshra Photography theme is clearly built for photographers, but that doesn’t mean it’s only restricted to the folks who walk around with cameras.

This gem of a template has parallax scrolling for the backgrounds and header imagery, while the fullscreen header presents either a video or slider, depending on which you would like to go with.

Scrolling effects draw eyes to your photos, while the Typekit web fonts are sure to improve your typography. Along with a contact form and responsive designs, the Eshra template aims to please.


21. ODRA – $19

The ODRA Muse template is a multi-purpose solution, yet we like it best for creatives and agencies that generate visual content. The ten demos provide options for app landing pages, photography, agencies, creatives and more. The drop down menu is nice for navigation, while the parallax scrolling combines well with the other visual elements.

Google Maps and a contact form work well together and the lightbox ensures that users see your imagery the way it’s supposed to be seen. Along with over 400 Font Awesome icons, a slider and 100 Typekit web fonts, the ODRA theme is one to keep your eye on.


22. Ultimate Business – Free

Moving onto the free Muse templates, the Ultimate Business option provides a configuration for displaying your services, products and whatever pictures you want.

The images are all sourced from CC0 authors, so you won’t have to worry about whether they’re legal or not. The Font Awesome widget works well, and the counter module generates buzz around your business.


23. Musgreen – Free

The Musgreen theme actually looks similar to the Ultimate Business template we outlined above, but  it has a more powerful focus on the green color.

This free solution is complemented by free Font Awesome widgets, and the Typekit fonts are sure to improve the way your typography looks. Both desktop and mobile versions are packaged into the theme, and all of the images you see on the demo are included.


24. Fashion Template – Free

For a fashion blog or eCommerce site, we recommend considering the Fashion Template. Not only is it free, but the template has beautiful colors to adjust, along with a gallery for sharing photos of the latest styles.

Shopping is done directly through the website, so you can connect it with something like Ecwid. The one page design has simple parallax scrolling, and users are able to bring up the site on mobile devices if needed.


25. Best Landing Pages – Free

Best Landing Pages features a solid one page layout, with widgets for showing off your product features. The clean layered file is easy to manipulate, and the parallax scrolling brings eyes to the most important content.

You can play around with the lightbox portfolio gallery, and consider utilizing the various Typekit web fonts for your typography.


Over to You…

If you’re planning on grabbing a Muse template in the future, we recommend bookmarking this page to guide you through the shopping process.

If you have use Adobe Muse would like to suggest some other awesome templates, feel free to drop a line in the comments section below.

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