Facebook Now More Transparent About Page Promotion Costs

Facebook is always encouraging Facebook page owners to spend money with them, whether it is boosting posts or increasing page likes.

A few weeks ago I looked at the effectiveness of Facebook Page Promotion. You will recall that my overall impression of the promotional technique was that it was misleading. They had promised me thousands of new followers, however they only delivered 20. I was disappointed as had it been successful I would have invested money in promoting all my Facebook pages.

It seems that Facebook may have addressed this issue and are now giving users a more truthful representation of what they actually deliver. Previously, a small investment of $10 was supposed to deliver between 600 and 2,400 new likes for your page.

Get More Page Likes

The same promotional box now says that $10 will get my Facebook page between 8 and 31 new likes. This is more aligned to what they actually delivered me the last time where each new like cost $0.25.

Facebook Page Promotion

This new truthful pricing structure seems to be across all of my Facebook pages. If you remember, previously stated cheaper prices for Facebook pages that did not have a large following.

I noted one big difference from the way it used to work. Previously the countries that were targeted did not change the overall price of the campaign. Well, it always did, their promotion box just did not tell you it did. Most native English speaking countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, all cost about the same price for new likes.

Facebook Page Promotion in Native English Speaking Countries

Other Countries such as India and The Philippines are cheaper to target. These countries have millions of people who can understand English though for most businesses likes from these countries would be less targeted. This is true for this blog too as my readers from India are less likely to buy one of my books or a product I recommend than someone from the USA.

Facebook Page Promotion in Non-Native English Speaking Countries

I’m glad that Facebook are now more transparent about how many new likes you can expect from a page promotion. I would still advise against using this method as it essentially Facebook’s advertising option for dummies. Instead, I would advise setting up an advertisement directly through Facebook advertising yourself. This allows you to define demographics beyond what country is from. For example, you can target their interests, their age, their education and their relationship status.

Some of you may consider this form of advertising expensive. Everyone’s situation and business model is different though I think that all website owners can benefit from promoting their page until it has a good following. Your page is then more likely to grow organically due to your messages, images and videos being shared.

I’d love to hear your experience with Facebook page promotion so please leave a comment if you can :)

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