Finally, my first guest post

I’ve ran a few blogs over the last few years, most notably the blog for my old poker forums. At the moment I have a few blogs however my main one, BloggingTips, is about a year and a half old now. The blog has had dozens of guest posters and I have written many posts myself about the benefits of guest posts. Which is why I’m kind of embarassed to admit that I never got round to writing any myself until today. I was writing so many posts for BloggingTips that I never set aside time to write posts for other blogs and that was clearly a big mistake. Although the blog is starting to grow to the level I want it, I haven’t done enough to raise my profile or the blogs profile either.

This is why I’m happy I finally wrote my first guest post today. I wrote the post, entitled ‘Twitter Following Habits‘ at David Peralty’s great web development blog XFEP (Extra For Every Publisher). David gave me complete freedom over what I wrote and let me publish it when I want which is why I think I enjoyed writing it so much. Perhaps if I thought there was a good chance my post was going to be edited I would have felt under more pressure writing it. David seemed happy with the post and says he’s happy for me to post there whenever I want so I’ll probably write the odd guest post there from time to time.

I’m going to try and write some guest posts for some other blogs too. I know many bloggers know my BloggingTips site exists but I suspect many of them haven’t taken the time to read any of my posts there or any posts from the weekly authors. I’m sure that if I wrote a post on a blog they enjoy reading daily it would raise my profile and perhaps encourage some of them to check out my main blog. This is, afterall, one of the main reasons for guest posting on other blogs.

I was thinking of perhaps writing a post on BloggingTips saying that I’m available for guest posts for blogs with 500 or more (or perhaps 1,000) but I’m not sure thats the best thing to do. It’s perhaps better to just approach some bloggers directly and ask if they would like me to do a guest post sometime.

Regardless, I’ll let you know how the guest posting goes and also, if you’re a Twitter user, remember to check out my guest post Twitter Following Habits. :)

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