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I come across some great scripts from time to time. I do buy some of them but most of the time I don’t bother because I’m busy with other things or because I don’t think I’d be able to build a successful site with the script. Therefore, from now on I’m going to post some of these scripts and ideas here. :)

First up is a site called Revou. Revou is a PHP powered Twitter clone. Some features include :

  • 100% source codes
  • Multi-Language
  • Template Driven
  • Free 1 year updates
  • Built-in API
  • SMS Integration
  • Supports SMS/IM/Web
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Widgets Plugin
  • Self-hosted platform

Your first thought might be the same as mine, why would you compete against something as insanely popular as Twitter? Revou answered this themeslves and explained many of the reasons why developing a Twitter type site could be a good idea. The two best points were

  • Geographical based Twitter clones – Twitter is popular all over the world however it is not as well known in many non-English speaking countries. Therefore, if your native language is not English, it might be worth developing a Twitter type site for your language eg Thai, Malaysian, Portugese or whatever.
  • Industry-Centric Twitter clone – This has a lot of potential too, perhaps even more than a language specfic focused Twitter Clone.Here’s the example they give for this type :

    Peter runs an online affiliate marketing website and he is thinking of new ways to retain more members on his website and also to find a more effective way to promote his products/services to current/new customers. RSS feeds on 1 hand is a one-way communication and forums though with the ability for interaction between users, it only limits to web-based communication. ReVou microblogging software enables Peter to implement micro-blogging capabilities to his website by allowing his “followers” to get updated information about what he is doing (for example his recent campaign on “Making $10,000 in 21 Days with only a domain and $50 startup fees”). By doing so, it will bring greater interest to his members to find out how effective is the campaign via micro-blogging and Peter can also update his profile whenever there are any new affiliate marketing seminars. During seminars, he can also post live news update to his micro-blogging site thanks to ReVou micro-blogging software.

    Of course, the above can already be done in Twitter though it could work well if you branded it differently.

Check out the demo to get an idea of how good the script is.

Would I purchase this script? Personally it isn’t for me. At $399 it’s a big investment for something which would need a lot of promotion and I don’t think I would see a return. However, those who already run a large website or company might find some use for this kind of script and I’m sure the price would be negligible, particularly if it was used a lot by employees or management.

Check it out if you have time and let me know what you think.

Link : Revou

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