How to Build a Fiverr Website

Many people expected Fiverr to be a fad when it was first announced, however it continues to be hugely popular. Its success can also be gauged by the number of copycat websites that have tried to emulate it. You may be surprised to hear that many have went on to become very successful in their own right.

Fourerr and Gigbucks are great examples of this. Most of these clones mimic the look and feel of Fiverr. It doesn't seem to have hurt their progress. For example, the Fiverr clone Zeerk was developed using a Fiverr clone script and sold for over $50k on Flippa just a few months later.

I believe that it is still possible to develop a Fiverr type of website and make it profitable. The key is to work hard and offer something that others do not. For example, you could focus on a particular niche or you could set the price of listings as $50 instead of $5 to try and encourage a higher standard of offers.

Last month I wrote a small review of the official Fiverr website. Today I would like to show you how you can build your own Fiverr website using a Fiverr clone script. These scripts are referred to as being clones as they attempt to recreate everything the official Fiverr website does. Some developers get it better than others; whether it be a better design or better functionality.

Without further ado, let's look at the scripts which you can use to create your own Fiverr website.

1. Pricerr

Price: $69.99

The Pricerr WordPress theme from SiteMile is one of the best looking Fiverr clone designs around. From listings to member profiles, everything looks the same as it does on Fiverr.

It supports multiple payment gateways and Google Maps and has great social media integration. As you would expect from a theme built upon the WordPress platform, you can publish blog posts just like normal.

Pricerr Theme

The theme has a huge number of configuration options. Everything from the layout to the email that is sent to members can be modified. Users are listed with their current cash balance. You can increase and decrease the balance of a user through the admin area. This is a useful feature that could be used for giving away prizes to members through competitions.

Pricerr Theme Admin Area

All jobs and job requests are listed in your WordPress admin area just like any other post type. By selecting a job, you can edit any aspect of it through the post editor.

Pricerr Theme Item Listings

Pricerr is one of the most complete Fiverr solutions out there. It is a great choice if you are familiar with the WordPress platform.

2. ALTFiver

Price: $79 (On sale from $158)


Another clone script you will come across is ALTFiver, a WordPress heme that is available for $158. Stay away from this theme. The owner has simple copied the design of Pricerr and charged more than double the price for it. The creator was recently suspended from Flippa

Do not purchase ALTFiver. You would effectively be buying the Pricerr at a higher point from a developer who probably does not even know the script that well. Avoid.

3. FP Platform

Price: $750+

Agriya's Fiverr software FP Platform prides itself in powering the most popular Fiverr clones on the internet. Their sales page boasts that Zeerk was sold for $60,000 after only a few months. This could be doing this partly due to the cost of their script.

They charge upwards of $750 to design a unique Fiverr clone. It is not possible to purchase their script on its own (to my knowledge).

FP Platform

FP Platform is powering a lot of popular Fiverr websites and offers everything you need from a Fiverr clone, though it is going to need a big investment on your part if you want to try them out. Make sure you contact them for a trial before buying.

4. FiverrScript

Price: $99 (Previously $299)

FiverrScript is a good looking Fiverr clone that has many features such as gig extras, express jobs, video modules and a job level system. It uses Ajax to load up different parts of the page, has multilanguage support, and users can pay using Paypal, AlertPay or Payza


The settings area is basic looking, however it has everything you need. The admin home page shows general statistics for your service such as members, new orders, payments etc. Advertisements can be controlled through the admin area too.

FiverrScript Admin Area

FiverrScript has everything you need to create a Fiverr type website. One to consider :)

5. Gripsell Fiverr Clone

Price: $149

The Gripsell Fiverr Clone script is one of the only Fiverr clone scripts that does not try and mimic Fiverr exactly. It has a slightly different look to other scripts, something which I think is a big plus.

Some aspects of the design seem a little rough. This may partly be due to the demo not being fully populated. There is only one listing in the demo, which makes it difficult to see how the script looks when live.

Gripsell Fiverr Clone

The settings area is quite advanced. From there you can manage Paypal payments to members, check orders, and configure general email templates.

Gripsell Fiverr Clone Admin Area

It is a little disappointing that the demo of Gripsell's script is limited, however it does seem to be a good option. One of it's main drawbacks if it's limited support of payment gateways. At the moment, it only supports PayPal.

6. Altrasoft Fiverr Clone

Price: $89

Altrasoft's Fiverr clone appears to be the same script as PHPValley Micro Jobs Site Script (which is the next script I am going to show you). It is really difficult to work out which company copied who.

Altrasoft's script has many great features. It supports English and Spanish and has good SEO support. The design looks great too.

Altrasoft Fiverr Clone

The settings area is very straight-forward. Everything from users to orders can be managed here. Again, only PayPal seems to be supported as a payment gateway.

Altrasoft Fiverr Clone Admin Area

The script appears to be updated frequently and buyers get one year of free updates. The main downside to the script is that PHPValley's Fiver script is exactly the same and that can be downloaded for free.

7. PHPValley Micro Jobs Site Script

Price: FREE

PHPValley Micro Jobs Site Script was released under GNU General Public License v2.0. This suggests that this script may have been released first and Alstrasoft chose to add to the script and then release it for a fee.

PHPValley Micro Jobs Site Script

The script appears to be identical to the Alstrasoft's script in every way. This is no bad thing, as the settings area has packed full of features.

PHPValley Micro Jobs Site Script Admin Area

The fact that PHPValley Micro Jobs Site Script is free should make it top of your list of Fiverr clones.

8. Nano Bazaar Marketplace Micro Jobs Script

Price: $99

Nano Bazaar Marketplace Micro Jobs Script is a Fiverr clone that includes social media integration, PayPal support and a private messagement system for buyers and sellers. It has a design that is very close to Fiverr's design.

Nano Bazaar Marketplace Micro Jobs Script

The settings area has many great features such as bulk delete and bulk approvals, sales management and the ability to offer multiple sales prices. I found it to be one of the best setting areas of all the Fiverr clones due to its simplicity.

Nano Bazaar Marketplace Micro Jobs Script Admin Area

Throughout the demo area of the home page and admin area, images were not displaying correctly. This may seem like a small issue though for me, this kind of thing always raises a red flag. If a company cannot take the time to ensure that the demo for their own product is displaying the logo correctly, it is unlikely they update their product regularly or provide good support. Therefore, this is a product I would recommend avoiding.

9. Biverr

Price: $49

The home page of Biverr states that their latest edition was released in 12 August 2010. The theme demo and admin demo areas both bring up 404 errors, therefore this is a script you should avoid. It is not updated, not supported, and by all accounts, probably does not even work anymore. And on the FAQ page of Hiverr they note that they sold their scripts illegally through Biverr. Avoid.


10. Hiverr

Price: $299

We have looked at Biverr. It makes sense that there would be a Hiverr too! The script has a clean design that is reminiscent of many WordPress themes out there (note: it is a stand-alone script)


Unfortunately, Hiverr is another script that looks like it is not actively supported. The first warning signs came on the home page when their main “Learn Now” and “Order Now” buttons do not even link anywhere (i.e. they forget to add links). There is no active link to an admin either (despite there being a message encouraging you to visit there). I then noticed PHP errors at the bottom of every page. What developer would leave such blatant mistakes visible on a commercial price?

Even if their main website was not rushed and full of bugs, I still would not recommend Hiverr because of the price. They charge $299 for using their script on one website and $499 for using it unlimited websites. Then they charge $99 for the privilege of removing their copyright. Avoid them at all costs.

11. Scripteen Fiver Script

Price: $40

Scripteen Fiver Script is a very simple Fiverr script that features social media integration and a feedback system.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the theme is horrible. The demo shows many basic design mistakes such as images not being used correctly for corners, HTML not displaying correctly, and text not wrapping in the sidebar. The latter causing an extremely long horizontal scrollbar to appear at the bottom of the page.

Scripteen Fiverr Script

The simple theme design is matched with a simple settings area. It has very few options and is horrible to navigate.

Scripteen Fiverr Script Admin Area

A terrible, terrible script. You would be better off taking $40 out of your wallet and throwing it in the bin.

12. Ready ProFiverr

Price: $49

Ready ProFiverr is a simple Fiverr clone that promises customisable features such as colour styles, images and fonts.

I was disappointed with the demo area. There was no logo and there were no items listed, which stopped me from seeing how listings are displayed using the script.

Ready ProFiverr

The settings area is very basic but it does seem to have everything you need for creating a Fiverr website.

Ready ProFiverr Admin Area

The absence of details being entered in the demo installation meant that I could not check out Ready ProFiverr thoroughly. After seeing how basic the script was, I did not feel that spending 30 minutes adding fake listings would have been a good use of my time. I doubt my opinion of the script would have changed had I done so as it is too simple a script.

Final Thoughts

As you have seen, the standard of Fiverr clone scripts that are available are not high quality. Many of the demos I checked were incomplete. I know that when people are searching for a suitable script for a project, they look at all options, therefore I believed it was important for me to include bad Fiverr scripts in this article as well as good ones. Hopefully I have saved you some time researching by doing so.

PHPValley Micro Jobs Site Script appears to be the best option initially as it has a good design, many great features, and is free to download. Pricerr and FiverrScript seem like the best premium options.

It is important that you choose the right script before buying anything. Therefore, make sure you check out the admin area of any script you are considering buying so that you can get a feel for what the script can do.

Good luck,

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