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Most of us use the internet so frequently that we become blind to the individual elements that are used to build websites. It is therefore easy to forget how important images are to the websites we visit every day.

High quality stock images are used by news websites, by online shops, by businesses, by bloggers, by YouTubers, and by social media influencers and other marketers.

Put simply, most successful online businesses rely on using high quality images in their websites, videos, and content. Without them, the world wide web would look very different.

In this article, I would like to review a stock image service called Focused Collection that puts an emphasis on quality. I hope you enjoy the review.

Who is Behind Focused Collection?

Focused Collection was launched by Depositphotos; who are one of the largest stock image companies online today.

As I noted in my review of Depositphotos last month, the service offers over 100 million images, vectors, and videos. It’s incredibly affordable with image prices starting from only $0.25 per image.

Focused Collection
The quality of images on offer through Focused Collection is impressive. is their main website, however the company also hosts other stock image websites that cater towards a particular audience. One such example is Crello.

The Crello visual editor lets you modify high quality designs for your blog, social media campaigns, and advertisements. It is a versatile tool and can be used free of charge, though those that upgrade to a premium plan gain access to additional designs and other premium features. Check out my full review for more details.

If Depositphotos is catering towards the lower end of the market with Crello, their Focused Collection service is catering towards the higher end of the market.

In their own words:

“Focused is a platform that brings together authors of premium stock content with appreciative buyers. Focused contributors share our high standards and a passion for excellence. We hand-pick exclusive content that is truly exceptional, original and available for use right away.”

Due to all images being manually selected by staff, the standard of images on offer by Focused Collection is superb. I cannot think of any stock image service which maintains such a high standard.

Getting Started with Focused Collection

You will be pleased to hear that you do not need to sign up in order to browse through images on Focused Collection. Registration is only necessary should you find an image you want to buy.

The search bar on the home page of Focused Collection allows you to search their large archive of images.

If you prefer, you can browse through popular stock image categories. Searches can be made within selected categories too. This is particularly useful if your initial search produces too many results, though if the category does not match the keyword well, you may not get many results.

Stock Image Categories
Categories are useful if you’re not 100% sure what you’re searching for.

Those of you who have purchased stock images before know that stock image websites tend to be, well, cluttered.

Focused Collection is different. It has a simple clean design that does not place any distractions in your way.

Your search term is displayed at the top of the page. Underneath are options to filter search results and sort results by best match or by newest. Finally, you have the image results for your search.

Search Results
The Focused Collection interface is clean and elegant.

A number of filters are available to help you narrow down image results.

The six filters that are available are orientation, people, category, colour, editorial, and safe search.

Orientation allows you to restrict images to those that have a horizontal, vertical, or square shape. You can also state whether people should be in the image or not and whether you want images limited to a particular category.

The colour scheme of the photo can also be selected and you include or exclude editorial images. Safe search is enabled by default, but can be switched off.

Search Filters
Search filters will help you find your perfect image.

Due to images being hand-picked for quality, I believe most people will be able to find a suitable image for their project quicker than on other websites.

Downloading Images From Focused Collection

The cost of an image is displayed when you click on it.

The three image sizes available are small, large, and extra large. Small images are 1,600 pixels in width, large images are 2,600 pixels in width, and extra large images are over 5,000 pixels in width (some are over 7,500 pixels in width).

There are two common pricing options available on Focused Collection. The first one is $49 for small, $199 for large, and $449 for extra large. The second one is $149 for small, $349 for large, and $549 for extra large. Some images are priced higher though. For example, some XL images were over $800.

Image Pricing
Three image sizes are available.

Small and large images are sold under their standard license.

Extra large images are sold under an extended license. When you select an XL image, you will be given an option to purchase an extra legal warranty for $100 and a resale and free distribution license for $200.

Additional Pricing Options
Additional licenses are available to those that purchase extra large images.

A sign up form is available on the Focused Collection home page. All you have to do is enter your email and desired password to create your free account.

Sign Up to Focused Collection
Sign up to Focused Collection.

Be sure to verify your account by clicking on the verification email that is sent to you.

Registration Complete
Registration Complete

If you are not logged in when you are browsing images on Focused Collection, you will be asked to register once you have opted to download an image.

Again, all you have to do is enter your email address and a password.

Welcome to Focused
It only takes a second to create an account.

If logged in, when you choose to download an image, you will be taken to a payment page to enter your credit card details.

Any purchases you make can be viewed at any time from the download history page of your Focused Collection account.

Purchase Image
Purchasing an image.

As you can see, the idea of keeping things simple remains during the the process of purchasing images.

There is no upsell asking you to upgrade to any membership plans and no attempt to squeeze any more money out of you. You select the image you want and you buy it. That’s it.

Final Thoughts

Focused Collection was not created for the masses. It was created for those that desire high quality images and have the budget to acquire them.

All of the images on the website were manually selected. That is, in fact, how the website name came to be, as many images are grouped together in collections to help customers save time.

Responsive Design
Focused Collection has an amazing collection of high quality images.

In a world where stock image services normally boast about quanitity over quality, Focused Collection is a refreshing change.

If you actively purchase stock images and are frustrated with the time it takes to find quality images on other services, I recommend checking Focused Collection out.

Thanks for reading.


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