15 Good WordPress Advertising Plugins

Advertising remains one of the key ways of monetising a website. This is particularly true for content websites that increase profits by increasing page views.

Apart from widgets, the core version of WordPress does not give you any functionality to integrate banners and track advertising on your website. Thankfully, there are many good WordPress advertising plugins available that help you embed banners, text links, Google Adsense ads, and more, directly into your website.

Below you will find a list of 15 of the best advertising and banner management solutions available for WordPress. I hope you find the list useful.

* Please note that advertising WordPress plugins that are designed for external services, such as BuySellAds and AdPlugg, have not been included in this list.

1. OIO Publisher – $47

Launched in 2007, OIO Publisher was the most advanced advertising solution available to WordPress users for a long time. I used it for many years to rotate banners and track click-throughs on my blogs. It can be used with WordPress or as a standalone product.

The plugin retails at $47 and supports banners, text links, and even paid reviews. Default ads can be displayed until ad slots are purchased by customers and it features a built-in affiliate program that lets other promote your ad space.

The OIO Publisher website looks very dated now and the demo area is using a version of WordPress that was released in 2014. Despite this, I have still included OIO Publisher in this list because I was very happy with it for years and believe it remains a useful product. Just be sure to send an email to the company before buying to ask any questions you have (it’s a good way to gauge the quality of support too).

OIOpublisher features click and impression tracking and allows you to sell ads on their marketplace.

2. WP Pro Advertising System – $29

Released in 2011, WP Pro Advertising System has grown into one of the most best advertising solutions for WordPress.

Retailing at $29, the plugin features a visual banner editor, scheduled ads, advertisement triggers, banner rotation, and much more. It has support for all major advertising networks and lets you display ads in 18 different ways.

Ads can be sold directly to companies and the plugin can detect ad blockers and ensure your ads are still displayed.

WP Pro Advertising System
WP Pro Advertising System is a complete WordPress advertising solution.

3. Ads Pro – $37

One of the main competitors of WP Pro is Ads Pro. Retailing at $37, Ads Pro allows you to display advertisements in over 20 different ways.

Advertisers can be charged by cost per click, cost per mile, or cost per days. Payments can be made via PayPal, Stripe, BankTransfer, or WooCommerce. It can stop ad blockers in their tracks and provides lots of great statistics about your ads.

Ads Pro WordPress Plugin
Ads Pro has everything you ever need to display ads.

4. WP Quads – FREE / €49+

Formerly known as Quick Adsense Reloaded, WP Quads can be downloaded free from WordPress.org. The plugin can be used to integrate Google Adsense into multiple areas of your website design. It has lots of useful features such as ad rotation and changing ads on a post by post basis.

WP Quads Pro retails from €49 and adds support and additional features such as visibility conditions.

WP Quads
WP Quads helps Google Adsense users manage their ads more efficiently.

5. WP In Post Ads – $27

Available from MyThemeShop for $27, WP In Post Ads is a complete ad management system for displaying advertisements in your content.

It features split testing and impression tracking and can integrate with Google Analytics. It provides lots of different positions for displaying your ads inside the content area.

WP In Post Ads
WP In Post Ads can be used to display ads directly in blog posts and pages.

6. AdRotate – FREE / €29

If you are looking for a simple and effective way of displaying banners on your WordPress website, AdRotate is perfect. It supports any size of banner and allows you to rotate ads in ad blocks. Clicks and impressions are tracked too.

A pro version is available from €29 that adds features such as mobile advertisements, post injection for widgets, geo targeting, and advanced statistics.

AdRotate Banner Manager
AdRotate has established itself as a reliable WordPress advertising plugin.

7. Advanced Ads – FREE / €29+

Advanced Ads is a simple ad manager that can be used to insert ads into multiple areas on your website. It allows you to display when ads are displayed and in what location using a large number of conditions. All advertising networks are supported and it is mobile friendly.

The pro version retails from €29 and provides many additional features such as ad grids, split testing, additional ad positions, additional display conditions, and support.

Advanced Ads
Advanced Ads

8. WP Ad Center – $29

WP Ad Center is a premium ad management plugin for WordPress that supports unlimited ad zones and banner sizes. It provides detailed statistics about your ads and allows you to sell ads to advertisers via PayPal.

An additional addon is available at $9 that allows you to bill advertisers on a recurring basis.

WP Ad Center
WP Ad Center is a decent advertising plugin, though there are better alternatives available for the price.

9. Ad Inserter – FREE / $20+

Ad Inserter can be used to automatically insert ads into 16 different ad blocks. It supports ad rotation and can detect mobiles and desktop visitors.

The pro version is available from $20. It supports 64 ad blocks, split testing, geo targeting, ad tracking, and more.

Ad Inserter
Ad Inserter lets you automatically insert ads into a large number of zones.

10. WP Pre Post Advertising – $12

WP Pre Post Advertising allows you to display ads before your pages are displayed.

It supports any type of advertisement and is full compatible with WP Pro Advertising System.

WP Pre Post Advertising
WP Pre Post Advertising helps you display advertisements before posts and pages are displayed.

11. Wp-Insert – FREE

Wp-Insert is an easy to use advertisement plugin that can be used to insert ads into posts, pages, widget zones, and theme files.

Features include ad styling, split testing, and geo targeting.

Wp-Insert is a minimal advertising WordPress plugin.

12. Advanced Advertising System – FREE

Created for those that want to manage advertisers, Advanced Advertising System allows you to manage ad zones and specify the ad pricing model.

It has some cool features such as limiting impressions to prevent spam.

Advanced Advertising System
A simple advertising solution that is free to download.

13. Insert Post Ads – FREE

One of the simplest advertisement WordPress plugins, Insert Post Ads can be used to insert ads into your content area or before or after the content. Google Adsense ads can be automatically inserted too.

Insert Post Ads
Insert Post Ads is a simple solution that can be used to add ads directly into your content.

14. Ads by Datafeedr.com – FREE

Ads by Datafeedr.com uses shortcodes to add advertisements into posts, pages, and widgets. A function can also be used to integrate ads into template files.

The plugin supports all types of ads and features ad groups and impression tracking. Caching is supported too.

Ads by datafeedr.com
An advertising plugin that that uses shortcodes to displays ads.

15. SAM Pro – FREE

SAM Pro is a free WordPress plugin that supports statistics, localisation, and ad rotation.

All types of ads are supported and you can define when ads are displayed.

SAM Pro Settings
SAM Pro is a simple free WordPress plugin that can automatically inject ads into your content area.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed this list of WordPress advertising plugins.

What plugin do you use to integrate advertising into your website? Please leave a comment below and share the solution you use.


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