Are You Still Connecting with Your Audience?

Whether you are a blogger, YouTuber, or a business owner who is trying to increase traffic and conversions, the goal should always be to connect with your audience.

This is not always as straight-forward as it first appears. Your audience is always growing and evolving. As are you.

You need to be conscious of who your target audience is and pay attention to whether you are still connecting with them.

Connecting with Your Audience

Sometimes you read an article or watch a video and something just connects. Something just clicks.

This happened to me last week when I watched Eli the Computer Guy’s video “Getting OLD as a YouTube Creator“.

Eli’s video is quite long at nearly 32 minutes long, but if you produce content online, I highly recommend watching it.

In the video Eli talks about how as you get older as a YouTuber, you may find it difficult to connect to your intended audience as people may not be able to relate to you as much. Although he explores this issue from the perspective of a YouTuber, all the points he makes are applicable to any content creator, whether you are a YouTuber, blogger, author, product reviewer, or whatever.

One of the points that really hit home for me was that even if you continue to produce the same type of content, your audience will change due to them getting older and due to them growing as people.

My View On This Issue

I have wore many hats during my online career and have referred to myself by many names. Webmaster, forum owner, affiliate marketer, internet marketer, YouTuber, etc.

What I have called myself is largely irrelevant and nothing more than explaining to others what I do online (particularly to those who do not work online). If I reflect back on what I have focused on the last ten years, the best way to describe myself is “Content Creator”.

Everything I have done over the last ten years focuses on connecting to my audience and sharing my view on a particular topic. Be it product reviews, tutorials, opinions, or whatever. Sure, I make money through affiliate programs, but calling myself an affiliate marketer can be misinterpreted and an assumption made that I sit all day crunching PPC numbers. I don’t. My focus is always on producing good content.

So as a content creator, I need to always pay attention to my audience and be conscious of the fact that my audience will change over time.

I talk about this issue in depth in the video below.

Are You Connecting With Your Audience?

What Say You?

The question “Are You Still Connecting with Your Audience?” is an important one.

It forces you to take a step back and reevaluate where you are. You will change over time and your audience will too. You need to be aware of this and adapt accordingly.

What is your opinion on this issue? Please leave a comment below and share your opinion with myself and others :)

Thanks for reading.


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