I don’t know what to call myself anymore!!

What Am I?One of the things I have found about working through the web is my inability to correctly give myself a title ie. a name which explains what I do for a living. Lot’s of people online seem to be using the term ‘Entrepreneur’ but I really hate it, it’s kinda pompous in my opinion.

When applying for something, for example a loan, you need to write the name of your profession. In the last few year’s I have wrote ‘Web Developer‘. Webmaster is probably a more accurate description but I thought Web Developer sounded better :)

Meeting people for the first time there would come a point where they would inevitably ask you what you do. When I explain I’m self employed via the internet and that I make money through advertising they usually reply ‘Oh, you’re a web designer’. This is usually followed by a reference that a cousin or uncle needs a website built and I then need to backtrack and explain that whilst I can design websites from scratch, I’m not a web designer and usually leave that aspect to people who are good at it. I don’t believe that explaining an online job to people who are not nev savvy is ever going to be easy!!

In the last few months I have sold my poker forums and several other websites which I owned. This has helped me clear the debt I had from travelling last year and gave me a chance to work on some other projects. Other than my online shop project with my friend Eddie, lately I have been working mainly on my blogs and when someone recently asked me what I do and I told them I’m currently running some blogs etc they replied ‘Oh so you’re a blogger’. It seems that whereas a lot of people struggle to understand how people can build websites specifically for profit, most people understand how blogging works.

With blogging taking up most of my time now I am more than happy to use the title ‘Blogger’. It’s pretty much what I am until I start another non-blog project and it seems to keep the non-savvy people happy! ;)

What do you call yourself? Do you constantly find yourself having to explain to people exactly what you do?


I am an experienced blogger who has been working on the internet since 2000. On this blog, I talk about WordPress, internet marketing, YouTube, technology and travelling.
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