I still live in Rip Off Britain!

When I was in New York the other week I bought the Western Digital 250GB Passport, a portable USB powered 2.5″ hard drive which is suitable for travel. I purchased the hard drive from the electrical shop at the bottom of Macys on 34st for $124.99.

I got an email today from Amazon about their low prices on hard drives and usb drives. Amazon are selling the 250gb WD Passport for £87.98 (and in my experience Amazon are usually pretty cheap and a good bench mark for prices). With a $10 charge for tax in New York and even considering the low exchange rate my credit card gave me of 1.92 dollars to the pound the hard drive was just over £70, nearly £20 cheaper than the UK.

Infact, this is probably the worst example I could give you all as clothes have a bigger price difference and higher priced electrcial goods have even bigger savings. I know the dollar is weak just now and I know that I’m not taking standards of living into account but it still highlights how expensive goods are in the UK.

I can only imagine that the poor dollar and low cost of living makes travelling outside the USA expensive in comparison to other options but I’d still prefer to be in their position!

Two thumbs down to Rip Off Britain!

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