I sold BloggingTips

The other day I sold BloggingTips.com, one of my main sites and one which I have founded close to 3 years ago. I listed the site for just before Christmas though the auction only ended at the start of this week.

I was happy with the sale. Not only did I get a decent price for it, it was also bought by Zac Johnson, a well known affiliate marketer who I have spoke with a few times over the last few years via email. I was really glad that someone like him bought it as you never know how smoothly a sale is going to go through when you don’t know the person. There are a lot of scammers and timewasters out there so it was good knowing I wouldn’t have to worry about that.

I’ve already started developing my new site, which will focus on modifying WordPress. I’ve just threw up a basic design and logo just now as I don’t want to invest too much into the design until the site takes shape. I’ve written one article so far but I plan on writing a dozen or so good articles before launching and will probably do a few guest posts on larger blogs to push the launch (including BloggingTips itself).

I’ll also be buying a new pc as I’ve had the same laptop for close to 3 years. Been looking at the Apple iMac 27″ all in one but I’ve read a lot of reports with problems on it, which is a shame as I really like the look of it. Though due to these problems, my heads turning towards getting a good desktop pc and either a really good 27″ or 30″ monitor, or alternatively, two 24″ monitors.

With regards to BloggingTips, I think it was time to move on. It will allow me to work on new things and I can use some of the cash from the sale to invest in some new websites. I have looked a lot into getting involved more with PPC marketing but I still think my future online lies in writing as it feels less like work.

Best of luck to Zac with BloggingTips – I’m sure he will do really well with it :)


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