Non payers on eBay

A week or so ago I decided to sell my HTC Hero (T-Mobile G2 Touch) as I was frustrated by the touchscreen; I really am terrible at typing without hard keys. Therefore I decided to purchase a Blackberry Bold 9700. So far I am loving it, though I usually feel that way for a new phone so i’ll reserve judgement until I’ve had the phone a few months.

I listed my HTC Hero on eBay last week. The phone was sold on the same day as BloggingTips. However, the buyer didn’t pay. He hasn’t replied to the invoice email or my direct email to him over the last few days either (I’ve had the phone all packaged up and ready to go for a week too).

Which is really frustrating as someone else was winning the auction before he sneaked in and clicked on the buy it now button. Unfortunately, I cannot create a resolution until 4 days after the end of the auction. For some reason the next bidder is no longer registered and the one below that didn’t bid high enough for me so I cannot offer a second change offer to them.

So I need to wait to try and resolve this issue so that I don’t pay relisting fees again. Ebay won’t let me leave negative feedback for him either, they only give me the option to resolve the issue….but I can’t do that for another 2 damn days!!

I could just relist the auction just now but I want to make sure this a’hole gets either a warning from ebay or negative feedback from me. Bloody timewasters!

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