It’s strange receiving a package you sent!

At the start of the year I went to Thailand for 3 months to train in Muay Thai. Unfortunately, I got a servere injury (pulled calf) after a month so couldn’t train. But I decided to stay on and enjoy myself.

Because I had went over to train, all of the things I brought were for for Thai Boxing. So I didn’t have many going out clothes, most of my clothing was sporty. Plus I was lugging around my boxing gloves, wraps and shin guards even though I didn’t need them.

When I got to Bangkok I treated myself to some new t shirts and jeans because it’s so cheap there. So I shipped everything else back to myself and today, 2 months later, it arrived. It’s strange receiving something you wrapped yourself!!


Package From Thailand

Included in the box were 4 pairs of shorts and 6 or 7 training shirts. In the last 2 months I’ve been using the same 3 t shirts for the gym so it will be good to have a variety now! Yes, I could have bought some more but there was no need as I knew this was in transit!

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