26 Landing Page Templates to Make Your Sales Explode

An effective landing page means far more to your business than you could ever imagine.

It’s a fact that products and services receive more conversions when you layout the benefits, media components and pictures in a well-designed landing page.

This is particularly true if you plan on paying for Google Ads since a user who clicks through one of those ads doesn’t want to be sent to a regular product page, or worse, your website’s homepage.

A landing page presents a story behind your product or service, and it indicates that you’ve done the work needed to provide a beautiful user interface for the people who stop by.

Just about every business should be utilizing landing pages, from mobile app developers to restaurants. If you’re troubled about setting one up, we recommend opting for one of the best landing page templates below.

I’ve done the work for you and compiled a few with multiple demos, along with dozens of options for varying niches. Enjoy!

1. Flatpack – $18

The Flatpack landing page package is the closest thing to being a multi-purpose template. It comes with a wide variety of demos, so businesses like software companies, restaurants, car renters, construction companies and travel agencies can all take advantage of the theme.

The landing page integrates with items like PayPal, MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, and it has over 500 font icons and 12 popup forms for intriguing your customers when they land on the page.

The enhanced form builder removes the need to touch any code, while the over 100 animation effects grab attention as well. The theme supports dozens of industries, so I would recommend checking this one out.


2. Startuply – $15

The Startuply theme provides an HTML landing page, with over 25 total pages and 10 HTML forms to play around with. What’s more is that it allows for over five eCommerce pages, expediting the buying process even more. The fully responsive theme has three layouts and five color schemes. Furthermore, it includes Font Awesome support.

Each of the templates include PSDs, allowing for even further customization. In addition, an icon set of over 1000 iOS 7 vectors is packaged into the theme. Overall, we highly recommend the theme for small businesses and startups, as the primary focus is grabbing email addresses and making sales.


3. Launchkit – $19

The Launchkit landing page template comes with the Variant Builder, a rather popular HTML page builder. We like the landing page package for marketing firms and regular businesses, since it provides real world demo pages with multiple color options.

The over 50 unique content blocks improve your versatility while designing, while the unique header, footer and navigation types guide people through the purchasing process. The nine fonts help out with branding, while you can also choose to make a multi-page site if needed.

Along with video backgrounds, MailChimp integration and wide layouts, the Launchkit theme delivers on every level.


4. Lista – $14

The Lista template serves as a newsletter signup landing page, but it also provides a wonderful module for building your forms. The responsive landing page is all about bringing in more email subscriptions, and it does that with the help of a MailChimp integration.

The ten color schemes help you find your brand, while the ad copy can be used for making a little extra money. Both images and videos are supported, along with testimonials, social comments, call to actions, brief descriptions and more.


5. Select – $14

The Select template has a large collection of demos to choose from. For example, the screenshot listed below shows fields for finding a home. Over 31 other pages are provided, including landing pages for artists, finance, car rentals, shopping, restaurants, travel, medicine and more.

Customize the images, colors and fonts that show up in your popups, and utilize the audio sections for music, videos and podcasts. The theme includes social sharing buttons and a drag and drop page builder to keep your hands free of coding.


6. Conversion – $10

Consider the Conversion theme if your product or service has a modern or technological spin. The template has social media buttons towards the top of the page, along with contact information and an area for people to click through and buy your product.

Start the process with five page templates, and use the infinite color variations to achieve the look you desire. This is a completely customizable template, with five layered Photoshop files to take advantage of. The theme is simple and clean, but it gets the job done for tech companies.


7. Event – $14

As you may have assumed from the template title, Event runs the show for when you’re trying to get people interested in an event. For example, the primary header of the landing page shows a large static image or slider, with overlaying text and a button for people to register.

The Bootstrap 3 template has Font Awesome icons and a subscribe form for collecting information from the attendees. The register form is fully customizable, and each of the items (such as sliders, tabs, carousels and accordions) look wonderful on mobile devices.


8. Kane – $13

With the Kane template you gain access to one of the best drag and drop builders on this list. In addition, you can choose between dark and light styles, eight inner color schemes and two regular layout styles. The Bootstrap theme is completely responsive, and it provides a beautiful video module for welcoming visitors.

The MailChimp integration runs perfectly when trying to collect more email addresses. Not to mention, you receive several app mockups, hundreds of icons and a semi-parallax background image. Overall, the template appears nicely for app companies, but I’m not sure I would use it for anything else.


9. Layer – $11

The Layer theme gives you yet another way to present your app in a landing page format. The theme is built on Bootstrap, and it has an ultra responsive layout with 10 color schemes. The AJAX contact form is a nice bonus, but the MailChimp form is where the real value resides.

The Layer theme comes packaged with over 500 icons and Google Fonts, and the useful shortcodes and pages come in handy for sidebars, timelines and grids. The more than 20 predefined layouts contain options like text sliders, static content, MailChimp forms and videos.


10. Professional Photography – $15

Unless you’re a creative marketing firm, the only type of company that’s going to find this one useful is a photography studio. That said, the template has an insane number of tools such as social media buttons, quote buttons, animation effects, seven color schemes and a parallax version.

Some of the content rows offer areas for talking about the people on your team, along with a spot to talk about your photography services. The full portfolio has filters for guiding clients to the right information, and you also get testimonials and pricing tables.


11. Proland – $17

Consider the Proland landing page template in a situation where you need to integrate with both PayPal and MailChimp for selling a single product. The theme works well for beginners, since it provides video support and lots of documentation.

The modern and trendy design runs on mobile devices, and it has eight homepages with different variations. What’s more is you get a Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign page. Some of the highlights include exit intent and dedicated product popups, both of which convert more visitors into customers.


12. Eventus – $16

The Eventus template is yet another solution when you’re trying to collect information for a conference, trade show or another type of business event. The theme features a short description in the header area, along with a registration box.

The Nivo Slider and Google Fonts allow for more creativity on the page, but overall, it’s a rather simple and professional solution. The media support comes standard, and the layered PSD files ensure that you have all the customization options you need.


13. App On – $7

Since so many app developers are looking for landing pages nowadays, we figured it best to cover at least a handful of them. The App On template features one of the sleekest layouts you can find, with modern designs and both dark and light versions. The fullscreen parallax image is something to marvel at, and the video background helps out as well.

Around 15 predefined colors sit in the theme waiting for your customization. Furthermore, you get different slider options and two menu styles. The theme is built using Bootstrap, and it has two blog pages in case you’d like to share some content.

14. Book – $15

Try selling a work of fiction or non-fiction with the Book landing page template and you’re sure to give your customers a better user experience. The theme has a responsive layout for accessing on mobile devices. It also provides a working contact form and a MailChimp integration.

The Twitter feed shows users where to access you on social media, and the parallax scrolling adds a bit of creativity to your overall design. The main part of the template shows an image of your book, which leads into a call to action and button for people to buy the book.


15. Appstar – $13

The Appstar theme delivers a unique branding experience for your app, with an impressive flat and responsive make-up and six intros to get your design started. The multiple intros intrigue our guests, so you can show numerous images of your app or stick to one of the most prominent pages.

The theme has a responsive slider towards the top of the page, and when you scroll down you’ll notice purchase buttons, retina ready icons and a responsive lightbox. The testimonials slider is something that will improve your conversions, while the newsletter signup boosts the number of email addresses you obtain.


16. Malooka – $14

The Malooka template contains only one page, with a large image slider for a header and social media buttons to get people following you on places like Facebook and Twitter. This is an HTML5 landing page template, and it includes eight layouts, which we recommend for more creative businesses.

The fully responsive design has support for Google Maps. Therefore, brick and mortar shops have an advantage with this one. The working newsletter form doesn’t need a database, and the Flickr and Twitter feeds keep users updated on what’s going on with your company. It’s an easy-to-customize option, with a clean design and wonderful media support.


17. Products and Services – $15

The Products and Services template allows you to share information about, you guessed it, products and services. The theme contains several demos to start with. So, for example, one of them is all about featuring bakery products. The responsive template has a smooth page scrolling effect, and the Font Awesome icons accumulate interest.

The simple AJAX contact form combines nicely with the subscribe form, while the PSD files engage the more advanced developers. You have the options to go with service or product based designs, so technically any product or service works on the theme. You can also choose between wide menus or slide-in menus.


18. Responsive Bootstrap App Landing Page – $12

Consider the Responsive Bootstrap App Landing Page if you’d like a few extra button options towards the header area. This is another one of the app landing page solutions, but we mainly like it because of the overlaying header elements.

The clean template features Font Awesome icons, Google Fonts, a video background and pricing tables. When you scroll down the one page layout, you’ll see a parallax effect, an area to talk about your app, download buttons, social media links, video support and screenshot modules for your app.


19. Creatorica – $13

The Creatorica landing page template provides a responsive one page setup for creative or technological companies. One of the demos has screenshots for an app, yet a few of the other options focus more on a general slider. The template has seven colors to choose from, and the AJAX contact form gets people to keep in touch with you.

The theme is based on Bootstrap, and it includes several interesting CSS animations to demand attention from your customers. Choose from an image, slider or app background, and consider taking advantage of the portfolio with filters. Some of the other sections include a pricing module, company history section and contact form.


20. eBookie – $23

Here’s another landing page to effectively sell your book. This one focuses more on the eBook world, yet I can’t imagine selling a physical book would be any different. The coolest part is that the theme comes with a simple PDF eBook creator for converting your books within minutes. They even throw in a book cover creator.

You’ll find buttons that link to product pages, along with testimonials and areas to feature quotes from the book. My favorite section offers small chapter previews for giving readers a taste of what you’re selling. The eBookie landing page also features a pricing module, social sharing buttons and a spot to talk about the author.


21. Cuvapag – $9

Cuvapag gives you the tools necessary to highlight software and app features. Built on HTML5 and CSS3, the Cuvapag template contains a responsive layout and retina ready icons. The four page layouts include Landing, About, Feature and Term options.

Marketing your work is done with the help of a large video embedded in the header area. You also gain access to overlaying text and a button for selling your items. Other than that, it’s a pretty simple template. You receive a few links for social media and a row to show off some testimonials.


22. Piecia – $14

Piecia presents a crisp, lightweight solution for those not interested in going crazy with tons of features and animations. The template runs on HTML5 and CSS3 for acceptable performance, and the many variants with the design get you going in the right direction in terms of branding.

Font Awesome icons and Google Fonts go well with the responsive layout, while the free support and solid documentation helps out beginners. Six layouts give you the opportunity to move around your subscription form, and the various one page rows include options for team member pictures, features, pricing plans, FAQs and social media buttons.


23. BizNex – $21

The BizNex theme offers a wide range of tools for the modern business. For example, you can talk about your company in one of the rows, then go onto an area that describes all of the people from your team. The portfolio includes filters for guidance, and the blog is there for keeping people on your page for a longer period of time.

A full contact form comes along with the theme, and you can upload a large image in the header. Furthermore, several overlaying text modules and buttons go atop that header for improving conversions. This is a fully responsive landing page template, and you gain access to parallax effects.


24. Odiss – $15

If you’re running a travel company that needs a landing page for bookings, go for the Odiss template. The complete booking system has a full screen video and responsive design. The primary functionality allows you to collect bookings from your customers, but you also get some cool animations, preloaders and parallax effects.

The drag and drop slider comes in handy, while the video block is there to feature some of the places your customers can travel. The six intro types include images, videos, sliders, parallax images, parallax videos and parallax sliders. As for the trip booking app, it asks users to view the travel description, select the trip, then book the trip.


25. Constructive – $15

The Constructive landing page theme empowers businesses like construction firms, engineering companies and interior designers. The unique and responsive design has more than 11 landing pages packaged into your purchase. Therefore, you can get content for things like car repairs and landscaping.

The default layouts are designed for lead generation, subscribers, clickthroughs and videos. Use the background slider to showcase some of your work, and utilize the parallax effects to engage your visitors. The Bootstrap theme has a modern and clean design, and it comes with Google Fonts for adjusting your typography.


26. Yoga – $13

The Yoga template delivers a landing page for just about any form of health business. Five color options boost the branding outlook for your page, while the working contact form eliminates the need to go out and get a plugin. The teacher training template can get your online course on the right track, while the Thank You page generates a warm response for customers.

The theme has a pricing table for selling your courses, and you can feature videos and other forms of media in your header. Quite a few content rows come with the theme, such as one that reveals testimonials from past students. In addition, the theme provides a beautiful email subscribe form, call to action buttons and a spot to share information about your teachers.


In Conclusion

From app landing pages to one page websites for yoga studios, the options are rather impressive. The good part about building a landing page is that you don’t have to worry about additional pages throughout your site. In addition, the templates we talked about above have tons of features that generally only require you to type in your own content.

If you have any questions about the best landing page templates, feel free to let us know in the comments section below. We also like seeing your suggestions if you’ve had success with a landing page for your own business.

Joe is a writer, marketing crash test dummy and adventure seeker. He helps people write, market their writing and embrace their lives through creativity. You can find him riding his bike around Chicago or sharing on his blog, Write With Warnimont.
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