Give Amazing Support with the Catchers Helpdesk WordPress Plugin

Catchers is a helpdesk WordPress plugin that can be used to provide customers and visitors with support.

Since catchers is a WordPress plugin, the solution integrates beautifully with every WordPress theme.

The process is simple. Every email that is sent to you is converted into a support ticket. You can then manage each support ticket effectively.

There are many great features such as private comments, fetching tickets via email, and a unique front-end area for clients.

I took a closer look at the Catchers WordPress plugin to see what it can do in a video review.

My Video Review

In my video review below I look at every aspect of the Catchers plugin and show you exactly how Catchers works and how you can use it to offer great support on your website.

The Catchers Help Desk WordPress Plugin - Full Review

The Cost of Catchers

Catchers can be downloaded free of charge from The free version is a great introduction to Catchers as it will show you exactly how the interface works and what it can do.

There are no limitations as to how many contact forms, emails, or submissions, that are used with the free version. It has some great features such as ticket filtering, sorting, exporting, and ticket escalation. A front-end area for clients is provided too.

Catchers Pricing
More features are provided in the premium version of Catchers.

If you want to get the most out of Catchers, you should upgrade to one of the premium version of the plugin.

Catchers pro adds many additional features such as saved replies, feed filtering, forwarding, private notes, ticket history, and more.

The pro version is priced at $49 for a single website and $139 if you want support for two to five websites. I suspect that the pricing for the multi-license is supposed to be for three to five websites as if you need Catchers for two websites it makes more sense to just pay for the single license for each website.

Buying the pro version gives you one year of support and updates. You can continue to use the plugin beyond a year but you will need to pay again if you want support and updates to continue.

Until 31 October 2016 there is a sale on with 40% off. The price of the single license only costs $29 at the moment and the multi-license only costs $83. It’s a great deal.

Final Thoughts

I was impressed with what Catchers can do. It’s a refined helpdesk solution that is easy to use.

My recommendation is to install the free version of Catchers to get an idea of what the plugin can do. If you like the way it works then I advise looking at the pro version more closely as it has many more great features.

Be sure to check out the demo of the pro version to help you see how the two versions compare as well.

Good luck.


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