Men Who Wear G-Strings Should Be Shot

Myself, James and Cameron went down to the beach the other day. After swimming in the Sea I lay down on my towel and was just chilling out. I was doing my best to relax but it was very difficult as there was an Italian man in his 40s playing with one of those beach bat and ball sets with his wife. Which in itself is not disturbing.

The problem is, the man was wearing a thong (G-String). This was bad enough but he seemed to be too at ease bending over all the time to pick up his ball and reveal to the world…well, pretty much everything.

Wrong Wrong Wrong!

Unfortunately, this is no irregular occurence at Naehorn beach. There are several men wearing thongs parading along the beach everyday, one guy must be in his 70s. Wrong Wrong Wrong!

I cannot understand why any man would wear such a thing. At what stage in a mans life does he feel inclined to wear a G-String and display the crack of his ass to the world.

If you ever see me wearing one of these at any point in my life, you have my permission to run up behind me and punch me in the back of the head.

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