Looking For Assistance With Tech Forum

I am looking to start putting more energy into my tech forum Electric Bandits. Please contact me or leave a message if you think that you can assist in some way.

Specifically I am looking for :

  • Forum Posters – Posters must have a strong grasp of english and be knowledgeable with gaming, electronics, computing and other tech related issues. Posters will be asked to write a few test posts and will be hired on the basis of those posts. Payments will be paid in arrears on a monthly basis via paypal.
  • Forum Moderators – The forum moderator will need to satisfy all requirements of a forum poster and will also need to have experience moderating a forum. Moderators will help set the tone of the forum and will help deal with spam etc. Experience with vBulletin is preferred. Moderators will be chosen from influential forum posters or those who can provide a link to a forum they have helped moderate (applicant will need to provide link to profile and verify that the account is theirs).
  • Blog/Website Owners – If you own a gaming or computing related blog or website then I may be interested in advertising on your site via text link, banner ad or paid review.
  • Content Writers – I'm looking for gamers and experienced computing writers to write a series of guides on the site. Pay will depend on quality and experience.

If you have any questions please let me know :)