A Taste Of Paradise

Just about every day we go to a great little restaurant across the street called Archees. It’s run by a really nice family. They are always smiling and laughing and make us feel really welcome. We’ve been there most days for over 5 weeks now so they are really great with us.

The other day the owners brother fashioned this extremely long bamboo stick and then used it to get a few dozen coconuts from the trees next to Archees. So they gave everyone a Coconut for free :)

A Taste Of Paradise

Although the exchange rate isn’t that great at the moment and Phuket is much more expensive than the rest of Thailand, it is still incredibly cheap. I had a bottle of water, a pineapple fruit shake, stir fried chicken with garlic and pepper with rice and a Coconut : all for £1.92 (about US $2.86). Bargain!

The coconut is not as nice in it’s raw form. It’s ok but the juice almost tastes like it is fizzy i.e. like tonic water. Perhaps I’m just too used to the manufactured/processed form of coconut juice!

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