Movie Roundup 12th November 2008

I went to see the new Jame Bond film last Thursday. I really enjoyed Daniel Craigs first Bond film Casino Royale but compared to the first one, the new one comes up a little short.

It was still enjoyable and it did have one thing Casino Royale didn’t have, namely Olga Kurylenko. I recognised her during the middle of the film as the lead female in Hitman.

Hitman was a film adaptation of the video game which was made last year with Timothy Olyphant as the lead and Dougray Scott as lead support. The film was given average to poor reviews but I really enjoyed it. I cannot understand the criticism that the acting was wooden but that was the way the character was in the game too. Again, I recommend watching it if only to see the gorgeous Olga Kurylenko.

Some other films I’ve watched recently :

  • Tropic Thunder – Really funny. If you’re a Ben Stiller fan and enjoyed Dodgeball and Zoolander, you will enjoy this. Robert Downey Jr is great too as the method actor who gets surgery to make himself look African-American.
  • Step Brothers – A bit predictable but has some hilarious parts and was much better than Will Ferrels last effort Semi-Pro.
  • Red Belt – A film about jujitsu. Starts off well then steers towards the mondane. If you enjoy the UFC or are interesting in grappling you may enjoy watching it as it does have it’s moments.
  • Street Kings – A CIA drugs thriller starring Keanu Reeves, Forest Whitaker and Hugh Laurie. It was directed by the same guy who wrote Training Day which you will probably realise it when you watch it. A good film though and worth watching.

Talking about Training Day, if you have seen the film you’ll enjoy this hilarious impression of Denzel Washington.

Apart than Entourage, I don’t really watch much TV. Though I do watch a lot of films and sometimes put them on in the background when I’m working so I may do some more movie roundups in the future :)

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