Peep Show just keeps getting better

I decided to have a quiet Friday night last night and didn’t go out. Instead, my friend came round and we spent most of the night playing Grand Theft Auto 4 on the PS3. As I predicted at the start of the week, it’s drained a lot of my time! :)

Of course, we interrupted playing the game to catch the first episode of the brand new 5th season of Peep Show. It was hilarious and saw Mark once again fuck up another chance with a girl he thought was the one (after one meeting).

Peep Show

British readers will no doubt be aware of the show but I’m not so sure it’s shown stateside. Basically, the show is about two guys in their late twenties. Jeremy is a musician who is coasting through life doing pretty much what he wants. Mark’s a business man who tries to be sensible but inevtibly messes things up all the time, usually due to Jeremy. The show is unique from other comedys as nearly all scenes are shown from the perspective of one of the characters.

Here’s a clip from the episode where Jeremy decides to drug Mark so that he doesn’t ruin his night. Superb!

Any other Peep Show fans out there?


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