The World Wide Web is 15 today

Although the internet has been around since the 70’s, it was on 30th April 1993 that Cern brought the world wide web to the public domain. I didn’t start using the internet regularly til my first year at uni in 1996.

When we first started we were all fascinated by what you could do in the web. There were old C64 roms available, chat rooms had thousands of people abusing each other verbally and Yahoo was just a directory.

It’s kind of hard to imagine some aspects of life without the internet now. I remember starting an office job in early 2000 and at the same time this really really geeky guy started. Infact, geeky isn’t the best way to describe him, he was just plain weird. I know that sounds mean but lets just say he wasn’t a people person. Anyways, whenever anyone asked him what he was doing at the weekend he would always say, I don’t know, I’ll check my emails. At the time this was very uncommon and I thought it was really sad.

Fast forward 8 years and most of my weekends are organised via email with friends. My how times have changed.

I wonder what the web will be like in 15 years – I doubt many aspects of it will be unrecognizable to todays web. Hopefully I’ll still be making a living through the net regardless :)

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