Picked up a new blog

I was browsing around the web recently and noticed that ProTycoon, a making money online type blog, was for sale. The blog was started by David Shaw in February but due to college commitments he had to sell up.

When I bought the blog it had 116 subscribers, an ok amount and a good base for developing it more. This was also the domain I had to transfer away from 1and1.


My first priority is to post with some regularity on the site. I’m aiming for at least 3 posts per week but as long as there’s 2 good posts every week I think it will grow. My first goal is to get to 1,000 subscribers.

By that stage I should be able to make a little extra money from advertising and I’ll be able to review products and services that aren’t suitable for my other blog Blogging Tips.

I wasn’t looking to buy another blog but hey, you’ve got to strike when the iron is hot!

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