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Digital marketplaces have made it simple for anyone to create stylish content and professional looking promotional material. I have been buying digital content such as logos, themes, backgrounds, and website designs, since I started working online in 2000.

In most digital stores, what you see is what you get. Therefore, if you download a logo or website design, it is up you to customise it for your needs. This involves opening the design up in a graphical application such as Photoshop and modifying the text, colours, etc.

Designers can make customisations quickly, but those that are not experienced in using graphical apps may struggle to make the changes they want. Customisations can be time-consuming too.

PosterMyWall is a one-stop solution for marketers and content producers.

One marketplace that addresses this issue is PosterMyWall.

PosterMyWall is an online shop for marketers, content producers, business owners, social media managers, video creators, and more. There are thousands of templates available and each one can be edited in a user-friendly editor.

One important aspect of their service is that you can make all the changes you want before you buy an item. If you cannot customise an image or video the way you want, you simply do not buy it.

PosterMyWall markets themselves to small businesses, however as someome who actively uploads to YouTube, I was particularly interested in their video templates as they would be great for video intros, outros, and promos.

Prints are also available to customers who reside in the USA. Others can download the digital version, which can of course be used to be printed elsewhere.

Check out my video review below to see what PosterMyWall offers.

PosterMyWall - A Digital Image & Video Marketplace

If you would prefer to read my thoughts on PosterMyWall, keep reading on :)

The PosterMyWall Marketplace

There are thousands of image and video designs on offer. You can filter designs by image or video and there is a search form too.

All designs are split into categories. There are dozens of categories, ranging from vintage to restaurant menus to gymnastics.

PosterMyWall Templates
The number of designs available is impressive.

Designs can be filtered by size too. There is a host of unique sizes for marketing, documents, videos, social media, menus, online ads, and digital.

Template sizes
Designs are available in mant different sizes.

When you select an item you can choose to customise it. You can share the design on social media at this point too, or if you prefer, you can share it after you have modified it.

Select Template
Share designs on social media.

The quality of designs is, for the most part, really good; however when you start filtering down images and sizes, you do come across some basic designs. I suppose this is something that all digital marketplaces are guilty of.

Customising Your Design

The interface for modifying designs is fantastic. It allows you to easily change every aspect of the design.

At the top of the page are file and editing options and buttons for resizing, saving, sharing, downloading, and printing.

The design is displayed in the main content area. The left-hand side of the page lets you add new elements to the page. This includes photos, videos, text, layouts, clipart, and backgrounds.

The right-hand side of the page changes according to what you’re editing. When nothing is selected, you can change the size, background colours, title, and description.

However, when you click on an element in the canvas area, corresponding options are displayed on the right panel. For example, if you click on an image element you can change the opacity, crop the image, send the image to the back, add effects, and more.

Anyone who has used a WordPress drag and drop page builder, or an online editing application, will be familiar with how this type of interface works.

Editing a Design
Editing a design is simple.

I love how easy it is to add content.

When you add an image you can upload your own photos or import them from Facebook, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Alternatively, you can select a stock image from Getty or a number of free sources such as Pixabay.

When the image has been imported, you can resize it, crop it, send it back a layer, and more.

Adding an Image
You can add images from a number of sources.

It does not take long to work out how it all works, but after selecting a design and changing it, you will realise that you are only scratching the surface as to what is possible with the editor.

Some designs may only need a few modifications, others may need a considerable number of changes in order create the design you want. In fact, if you spend a long time modifying a design, it may be unrecognisable from the template you started with.

Customising a Banner
The ease at which you can modify designs is impressive.

The PosterMyWall editor is not hidden behind a paywall so you can try it out and see for yourself how it works.

You are free to browse their template gallery, select a design, and customise it using their editor. You only need to create an account if you want to save a design. It is free to do this and is worthwhile if you have spent time modifying a template so that you can come back and work on it later.

Additionally, if you modify a video template, you can download the first 21 seconds of a video. It will contain a large watermark so is not suitable for use, but is a great way of seeing whether you are happy with the final output.

The Cost of Using PosterMyWall

PosterMyWall have a highly competitive pricing scheme.

Image designs start from only $2.99 and video designs start from only $14.99. When you consider that designers normally charge hundreds of dollars for creating posters, flyers, and other promotional material, you appreciate why there is a demand for a service like this.

If you see yourself using PosterMyWall’s service frequently, you may want to consider one of their premium subscription plans.

They have two options: Premium and Premium Plus.

Premium costs an effective rate of $9.98 per month and premium plus costs $29.98 per month. Be aware that the monthly rate that is quoted is an effective rate as the company bills customers quarterly, not monthly.

If you choose to pay yearly, the effective monthly rate for the premium plan drops to $8.33 per month and for premium plus it drops to $26.66 per month.

PosterMyWall Subscription Plans
You can buy on an individual basis or sign up to a monthly plan.

Which route you go down depends on how you see yourself using PosterMyWall.

If you only need an image or video for a one-off project, you would be better just buying it on an individual basis.

The premium plan is suitable if you think you will use it sporadically. Every month you get three credits for video templates, one credit for image templates, and two monthly free credits. All unused credits are carried into the next month.

As per their FAQ:

What are credits?

PosterMyWall premium subscribers use credits to download high-resolution images and videos. Image downloads are 1 credit and video downloads are 3 credits. However for Premium Plus subscribers, you only need credits to download designs which include Getty Stock.

In the premium plan you have an unlimited number of downloads of images you uploaded yourself, but you’re limited to three credits for videos. This restriction is removed when you upgrade to the premium plus plan.

The premium plus plan also offers unlmiited downloads of video templates and image templates. Getty stock is still limited to three credits for videos and one credit for images.

This plan works out good value for anyone who sees themself downloading images and videos on a regular basis.

Final Thoughts

All good products and services should address a need. They should solve a problem. PosterMyWall helps everyone from website owners to small businesses create stylish content and marketing material.

Small website owners will appreciate being able to create banners and promotional material for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Clubs will love how easy it is to create unique flyers using their templates too.

Their video templates can be used for webssite home pages and on social media, though I believe the owners of PosterMyWall are making a mistake by not targeting YouTubers and other video creators too. There is a big market for YouTube intros and outros that they have not tapped into.

Video Features
Twitch users and YouTubers should check out PosterMyWall.

I highly recommend browsing through the PosterMyWall template gallery and testing their template editor. It is the best way of getting a full understanding of what their service offers.

PosterMyWall - A Digital Image & Video Marketplace

If you prefer, check out my video review to see how it all works.

Good luck.

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