A Quick Hello from My Stopover at citizenM, Paris

Video editing is a necessary part in recording videos and making them look more professional. I am still a complete novice when it comes to video editing, however I have been spending more time editing videos in order to integrate screenshots and videos (well, I have been trying to do that).

What frustrates me is how long video editing takes. It is not uncommon for YouTubers to spend one hour recording a video and then five hours editing it.

That is why I am attracted to the idea of keeping editing to a minimal and recording videos in just one or two takes. Even if that makes keeping in mistakes in those videos such as mmmms, ahhhhhs, and other brain farts.

When it comes to recording screencast tutorials and other types of videos where I want to ensure my advice is clear and concise, editing will be required. If only to integrate screenshots and videos that help me put my point across.

However, I am really keen on doing quick video blogs in which I just quickly record my thoughts about something. Be it related to internet marketing, travelling, or whatever. I feel these videos will come across more natural since they will be recorded quickly i.e. I will not be sitting at my desk thinking about what I need to say and planning out exactly what I need to cover and when.

As you will see from my video, my HTC One M8 is not good enough for this task. Although it can record in 1080p at 60 frames per second, its lack of optical image stabilisation means that videos always look shaky. The microphone is not great for video recording either and the lapel microphones that I have looked at look a bit of a pain to use; which is why my attention is turning towards portable camcorders and action cams such as the Sony AS100V.

The Sony AS100V will allow me to record quick videos that do not require a lot of editing. It’s good a good microphone on it and records good video too. It also has a port for an external microphone and has support for Ustream (another thing I would like to try in the future).

I will be sure to let you all know once I have upgraded to a better camera.

Hello from citizenmM, Paris

The video below was recorded at the citizenM hotel at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. I stayed overnight as the time until my connecting flight to Colombia was around 14 hours.

A Quick Hello from My Stopover at citizenM, Paris

I was initially planning to stay at the Hilton as it was available for £70 and came with a full breakfast and access to a swimming pool. Unfortunately, when I checked prices an hour later, the deal had jumped up to around £120.

That is why I ended up booking citizenM. It was available for £67. It did not include breakfast or offer amenities such as a swimming pool, however I was only there to sleep so I wouldn’t have have time to use a swimming pool anyways.

The hotel was very modern when compared to other hotels. With most hotels you need to approach the reception and have your key given to you. At citizenM, I just had to enter my name at the computer and then put a card on top of a scanner and it turned it into a keycard for my room.

The citizenM Lobby
citizenM had more of a feel of an upmarket hostel than a normal hotel.

It had a great atmosphere downstairs. Though on this occasion, I was too tired to go down and enjoy it.

The citizenM Lobby
I was surprised at how relaxing everything downstairs was, from the free internet computers to the bar and restaurant area.

Many large hotels continue to take advantage of customers’ need for internet access. Some still charge. Others other it free of charge but require you to sign up to their service. This inevitably leads to your email address being added to their database so they can send you newsletters you had no interest in receiving.

I was therefore pleased to see that wifi did not require signing up in order to use it. I did not even have to enter a password. I just had to click connect.

My room also had USB ports, a fridge, and a support powerful shower.

A Typical citizenM Room
The room had great support for modern technology.

Though the coolest thing was the tablet. Next to my king sized bed was a Samsung tablet. I could use it to watch YouTube videos, browse the web, and check email.

The tablet also controlled everything in the room. From the television, to the lighting, to the blinds. It was great to lie there watching a film controlling everything with the tablet.

I hope more hotels look at what citizenM and take inspiration from what they are doing. As someone who works on the internet, I do not want to have to jump any hurdles in order to do some work.

I hope you all enjoyed my quick video. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay updated of all my latest videos :)