A Short History of Black Belt Forums

Black Belt Forums is without doubt the most enjoyable website I run. I love martial arts so hanging out there is always fun. Running a forum is a funny thing; it's so different to running any other website. I know of lots of marketers who don't know the first thing about running a forum.

Without doubt, the members make a forum. I've been really lucky with Black Belt Forums. It has lots of loyal members but also has the perfect mix of crazy people to make it interesting. It's a lot of fun.

Our de-facto leader on the forum is SifuPhil. He has written dozens of hilarious articles on topics ranging from urban legends to martial arts toys.

Rather than explain the history of the site over the last 7 months, check out Phil's fantastic infographic. It explains everything you need to know :)

A Short History of Black Belt Forums

A big thank you to SifuPhil for creating this infographic. Great work :)


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