Some Quality Fast Food Service

I’m not a big fan of Fast Food however yesterday myself and my friend Barry were in Glasgow shopping for some clothes for our holiday and we went to KFC for quickness.

Heres what happened :

Me : Hi there, can I get a a Wicked Zinger meal with a sprite.
KFC : Of course sir, what drink would you like with that?
Me : A sprite please.
KFC : OK so that will be £3.59
Me : The menu says its £4.29
KFC : Oh you want a ‘Wicked Zinger Meal’?
Me : Yes
KFC : So that’s a Wicked Zinger Meal with a coke.
Me : No I want a sprite

At this point the guy walks away to get the order. Another guy at the counter came over and asked if I wanted any ketchup. When he was asking me this the first guy arrived and popped down a coke. I then had to tell the 2nd guy that the first guy messed up and I wanted a sprite.

I know fast food jobs are low paying, I know that Fast Food joints have a big staff turnaround too but damn, is it really that hard to employ people who have an IQ higher than a 4 year old?

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