The legend George Carlin passes away

I was saddened to hear about the death of one of my favourite comedians yesterday. I only really got into George Carlin in the last few years. I had seen him in movies before (Like Bill & Ted and some Kevin Smith films) but I hadn’t seen any of his comedy. His views on politics and the world in general were a breath of fresh air. He had the same magic as the late great Bill Hicks.

George Carlin

Like Carlin, I was brought up Roman Catholic however I am now an Athiest (and have been for many years). I’ve read a lot of books on the contradictions of Religion and how Religion has evolved from past beliefs (paganism etc) which is why I made an immediate connection to him and his views.

He truly is a legend and I’m disappointed I never got the change to make it to one of his gigs (I was planning on squeezing one in my next trip to the states). Think I’ll say a prayer to Joe Pesci for him:)

Here a few of my favourite clips from the man himself :)

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