The Shockmaster

Anyone remember Fred Ottman from wrestling in the 90s. He was better known as Tugboat and later Typhoon. He was a big fat wrestler that mostly beat people by slamming them.

What I wasn’t aware of recently was that he later joined the WCW as the The Shockmaster. His debut can only be viewed as one of the most embarrassing things I have ever seen. I probably would have felt more sympathy towards him if it wasn’t so funny.

Check out his début below:

Even if he didn’t fall, I reckon it would still have been embarrassing because the character was awful. Using a mask as famous as the storm troopers is just plain stupid. Painting it silver didn’t really hide this fact. And wearing no top and a strange sleeveless jacket just added to the silliness. To finish it off they dubbed over his own voice with some strange evil voice; hilarious!

Wrestling is a complete farce but I doubt even the most hardcore fans would have taken this guy seriously because of his outfit, regardless of the fall.

It’s no surprise that Freds career nosedived after this incident. Poor Fred!

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