Check Your Theme Against the Latest WordPress Standards and Practices

I came across a simple little plugin for WordPress today called Theme-Check. Developed by Pross, the plugin will check any theme installed on your site against WordPress standards and practices.

The great thing about the plugin is that you can check any theme that is installed, not just the one that is being used on your live website. This is really useful as it means you can test your current theme against newer versions of WordPress (by setting up a demo area with the latest version of WordPress and checking your current design)

WordPress's standards are so strict that it's doubtful that any theme will pass. I'm currently using a child theme of Genesis. StudioPress always adhere to WordPress guidelines however it still generated a lot of errors.

Theme Check

This plugin was created specifically for theme developers however normal WordPress users may find it useful if their current theme is generating error messages. The same developer also released Plugin Check, a plugin that performs the same checks on WordPress plugins.


Link: Theme-Check

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