Time For A Change

I’ve been in Rawai for over a month now but since I cannot train anymore, I will probably be going somewhere else in Thailand.

I’ve not trained for a week now and to put it bluntly, I’ve been really bored. I had planned on staying here the full time to train so getting injured has caught me by surprise a little. I’ve been to most of the islands around here years ago so there’s nothing that I feel I need to go and see or whatever. It hasn’t helped that I’ve been limping everywhere like Christy from My Left Foot so it’s limited what I could actually do in the last week (thankfully I have a skooter).

If myself and James had paid for a good apartment/house for a month then I would have been happy to stay around and would have just found something to keep my occupied. Perhaps just go to the gym during the daytime (do weights, sit-ups/press-ups and other circuit training work) and maybe do something constructive, like do a thai cooking class or whatever.

I’ve made some good friends here, particularly James, Sonya and Cameron. But perhaps it’s time for a change. Sonya is leaving tomorrow morning to head north to Chang Mai and Cameron has moved out to a house with some friends. Bob, another English lad who has been here a month, is leaving in 2 or 3 days too (shame as he’s a sound guy too).

One of my friends Chris is coming down from Chang Mai Thursday or Friday, so it’s actually pretty good timing. He’s here until the start of March so I will have someone to go travelling with, though I would be happy just to relax in Phuket as well. I’ll meet Chris at the weekend, have a few beers and then see what our options are. I’ll probably drag a few of the rawai boys out for a beer also, it would be rude not to!! :)

I’ve not seen Chris in about 2 years. The last time I saw him was in New Zealand : I was heading home via Japan and he was staying on in New Zealand. He then moved onto Australia and is now starting to head home (after almost 2 years travelling!).

The picture below shows us together before we did the Tongariro walk in New Zealand 2 years ago (17 damn km long!). Chris is on the left, then me and in the middle is my friend Michael.

Tongariro walk

I’ll let you all know what I end up doing in the next few days :)

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