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Last week I recorded a short video at Paris airport on my way to South America. One week has passed since I recorded that video, so I made a point last night of recording a quick video explaining my current situation with YouTube.

I had hoped to record this video and upload it without many edits. However, after transferring the video to my computer, I noticed there was a lot of echo and background noise. Therefore, I had to remove the background noise using Audacity. Hopefully it makes it easier to watch the video below:

As I explain in the video above, I need to find a suitable camera for vlogging as recording through my smartphone is not suitable due to the random messages that pop up from time to time. Though I did not do myself any favours by installing the Google Camera application. With my phone’s default camera app, all photographs and videos are stored in my SD card. Unfortunately, I had not changed this setting in Google Camera, therefore the videos were being saved to my phone storage. This is why I had to delete some other videos in order to create some storage space.

You will also notice in the video that my nose was bright red. This was due to me suffering from Allergic Rhinitis. I hadn’t taken my allergy tablets during the three days I spent in Medellin last weekend. Which is perhaps why I suffered so badly when I returned. My nose was running constantly for a couple of days. I was literally wiping my nose every 20 seconds and my head was thumping. Thankfully, it is starting to improve.

Once again, I apologise for the audio quality in the video. My vlogging videos should improve considerably once I get a better camera or camcorder.

Once I find a suitable video editor, I will start answering questions again using video. As I need a good editor that allows me to easily integrate images and video clips into the recordings.

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