62 Ways to Make Money Online

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Some folks just want to get away from that monotonous office job, while others simply need a way to make a little extra scratch while looking after the kids. Whatever your reasoning, there are plenty of ways to make money online.

We’ll outline over 60 ways to put more cash in your pocket without leaving your home. We’ll also try to figure out which options are more for a little side cash and which might actually serve as a viable full-time income.

Lets take a look.

Make a Little Side Cash

These online money-making tactics are great for students or stay-at-home-parents who just want to put a little extra money in their pockets. Use it to help pay off some debt, or simply make an entertainment fund without having to dip into your savings.

1. Lease out Your Home with AirBnB

AirBnB gives a unique opportunity to turn an extra room or condo into a BnB. Just post on the site and visitors can stay at your place for a fee.


2. Sell Old Stuff on Craigslist

Grab those old school books, clothes or toys and sell them to someone in your area on Craigslist.

3. Get Rid of Old Gift Cards

Get together all those unused gift cards and sell them for a little money on Card Cash.

4. Vayable

Become a guide on Vayable to show people around your town.

5. Transcriptions

Tons of companies need transcription services. If you have a keen ear and can type really fast you can even turn this into a viable career.

6. Tutor Kids

If you excel at a particular subject, put your knowledge to work at sites like Tutor.com.

7. Take Online Surveys

If you have some time and like giving your opinion, use sites like iPoll to take surveys.

8. ChaCha Guides

ChaCha is a site with tons of questions and answers. If you become a guide and answer these everyday questions you can put some coin in your pocket.

9. Simply Use Your Phone

If you use your phone all the time, why not make money for it? With Juno Wallet or WeReward you can.

10. Create Videos and Make Money Through YouTube Ads

You need to become a huge YouTube sensation to make much money off of this, but it’s worth a shot.

11. Become an Online Translator

You don’t need to be sitting next to someone in order to translate with sites like Gengo.


12. Sell Services for Five Bucks

Sometimes you don’t want to build an actual graphic design or voice-over business, so just sell random service for five bucks on Fiverr.

13. Rent out Your Car

RelayRides gives you a chance to rent out your car to people who need a quick ride.

14. Rent a Friend

This is a strange one, but you can use Rent a Friend to share your social presence with others.

15. Sell Your Hair

BuyandSellHair.com lets you chop the locks and sell to others who need it.

16. Be on a Virtual Jury

Get paid to try out your juror chops at eJury.com.

17. Online Life Coach

You can actually make big money doing this, but the profession is reserved for more celebrity names. There are also some sites that let anyone sign-up, but they seem to come and go.

18. Become a Virtual Assistant

Start a website and sell your assisting services. Help people manage phone calls, emails and their personal lives.

19. Buy and Sell Domains

If you have a keen eye for potentially hot domains, purchase some and see if they sell for a high price. Flippa is a nice place to start for this.

20. Use Klout

Klout doesn’t make you money, but if you have a social presence you can get gift cards and freebies.

21. Try Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards is not a way to make cash, but you receive gift cards and other cool stuff for simply using the Bing search engine.

Bing Rewards

22. Edit Wikipedia Pages for Companies

It sucks modifying Wikipedia pages, and that’s why so many companies hire freelancers to do it for them.

23. Make a Kickstarter Page for Funding

This is more for funding an idea, and it can actually bring in loads of cash, but for the average user, Kickstarter is no more than a dream of reeling in a huge round of funding for an idea.

24. Couponing

Extreme couponing has moved to the digital age, so read up on how to find the best deals and start clipping online.

25. Become a Crowdsourcer

MTurk offers Crowdsourcing, which is basically them bringing on thousands of freelancers to complete large batches of work like writing and transcription. It’s not much pay typically, but you can reel in some spending money.

26. Recycle Old Phones

Most of these sites don’t pay much, but if you don’t use your old phone you might as well get something for it. Checkout Gazelle to get started.

27. Get Paid to Complete Offers

If you don’t mind giving up your personal information to companies, sign-up for trial offers to make money at sites like TreasureTrooper.

28. Review Music for Money

SlicethePie is perfect for music-lovers to make some green while listening to tracks.

29. Try Your Luck with Competitions or Raffles

One of my old friends from college and his wife submits to about fifty raffles every year, and since they submit so often they actually win vacations quite often.

30. Test Mobile Apps

MyAppRatings pays people to test and rate new apps on the app stores.

31. Get Cash Back for Shopping

Try eBates and get a return on every purchase you make online.


32. Revenue Sharing

Various sites give you a chance to share photos, file hosting, writing or even answer questions with revenue sharing involved.

Potentially Make a Full-time Living (with Lots of Work)

These are ways to make money online, but they take lots of work. The good thing is that they offer the potential to make a full-time living.

33. Create an eBay Store and Sell Niche Items

Tons of people make good money when they pick a strong niche like antique items and create a storefront on eBay.


34. Sell Your Audio or Video on iTunes

Have a podcast or band? Record your stuff and sell it on iTunes.

35. Specialize in Company Logo Design

If you have a knack for design, specialize in logo design to hone your craft and get more clients.

36. Sell Your Website

You end up with no website afterwards, but if you build a profitable site you might be able to cash out big.

37. Sell on Amazon

Amazon is similar to selling on eBay except you don’t have to worry about the bidding system. Just post what you want to sell and go. Some companies make lots of money on Amazon.

38. Sell Your Crafty Products

If you design funny mittens or crafty mugs, see if people enjoy them on Etsy.

39. Become an Uber or Lyft Driver

This a a combination of online and offline money-making, but the ride-sharing services are proving to be a nice source of income for many people.

40. Live Training and Special One-on-one Services

Live training and special support calls with your followers are great ways to make money online. Just remember, you need a following first.

41. Design T-Shirts

Turn your apparel design dream into a reality with sites like DesignByHumans.com.

42. Sell Your Social Media Management Services

If you already spend all your time on Facebook and Twitter, put that time to work by helping companies develop their social strategies. Once you build up a nice client list you can make solid money.

43. Create and Sell Apps

Companies like iBuildApp help designers create numerous apps for clients and sell them quickly.

Ways to Make Money Online With iBuildApp

44. Sell Your Photos Online

Professional photographers are always in demand. Sell stock photos online or pitch your services for weddings and special events.

45. Sell Ad Space or Put Google Adsense on Your Site

Once you develop a consistent flow of traffic to your blog you can place relevant ads so when people click-through you receive a cut.

46. Create a Job Board

If you have created a niche with your blog, why not see if people are willing to pay you to post jobs for your readers? The ProBlogger Job Board is a great example of this.

47. Build an Email List

Sure, you can always sell your email address list for profit, but that’s a little grimy. Instead, build a following and sell your products directly to customers.

48. Create a Premium Content Portion of Your Site

A great source for recurring income is with premium content. Maybe you have an audio series for building websites or a collection of tutorials for gardening in an urban setting. Anything is possible here.

49. Make Infographics

Companies are finding that consumers love infographics because they are incredible for digesting information. Think about this niche if you are a designer.

50. Become an Editor

Grammar buffs can simply build a website and start proofing people’s school papers, books, articles and more.

51. Host Webinars

Many internet marketers make a nice living building a product or service and then selling it through webinars. You can even charge people for an in-depth webinar.

52. Sell Online Marketing Services

Companies are always looking for SEO and internet exposure experts.

53. Make WordPress Themes

If you design website themes, sell them on a marketplace like Envato.

Envato Themes

54. Create a Forum

If you create a niche forum you can charge for membership or sell services to people who visit.

55. Become a Niche Blogger

This ties into many of the points mentioned on this list. If you put in the work and share great information for niche groups like moms, designers, gardeners or just about anyone, you can build an email list and sell books, videos, tutorials and more.

56. Refer Affiliate Products

Create a blog and write reviews on certain products in an industry. Then when people click through and buy the products you get a commission.

57. Sell an Original Product Through an eCommerce Site

If you have the next best idea, the first step to getting on SharkTank is building an eCommerce site and selling like crazy.

58. Dropshipping

Instead of storing inventory, create a website and partner with a dropshipper to only send the products when someone buys them. You don’t have to store anything in a warehouse or your home. Try Doba to get started.

59. Write

From corporate blogging to writing product descriptions, companies pay quite well if you establish a niche and build a portfolio. You can also sell books if you are an author.

60. Sell Your Niche Services

All you need is a website to start selling your driveway sealing or lawn-care services.

61. Sell Your Web Design Services

This niche has a more home-based focus since you can sell your services online and complete the work at home.

62. Work for a Credit Card Company Support Team

Companies like Discover and MasterCard are always looking for people to field support calls from home.

Let us know in the comments section if you have tried out any of these ways to make money online. If you have any other interesting ways to make some money, drop a line below.

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