New Webmaster Resource Section Launched

I am pleased to announce that my new webmaster resource section has been launched. This is an area of this website that I wanted to develop for some time, so I am pleased that I made the time to get it finished.

My original resource page is still available in a new page entitled Recommended Resources. That page still lists resources that I have used in the past and many resources that I continue to use day to day.

Dozens of new resource pages have also been added to the new resource section including Advertising & Monetisation, Public Domain Images and SEO, Analytics & Analysis. Many links were taken from my books, however hundreds of new links have been added. Resources have been grouped into different sections such as essential tools, blogging, freelancing and marketing & analysis.

Webmaster Resources

The resource section will always be a work in progress. I am hoping to add a dozen more pages in the next week or so; thereby increasing the number of links from several hundred to over a thousand. My plan is to continually add new websites and services to the resource section so that it people always find it useful.

I encourage you to check the new Webmaster Resources section out. As always, your feedback is appreciated :)


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