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Starting an online shop has never been easier. You can set the foundations of your new shop in just a few minutes and have most of your store ready in just a few hours.

The majority of blogging platforms and website building solutions online today have built-in Ecommerce functionality. Therefore, if you have an existing website, you want to continue using the same solution and simply unlock Ecommerce features (through a plugin or through a plan upgrade).

In this article, I would like to share with you dedicated Ecommerce solutions that were created to help you build an online store.



It is easy to see why Shopify is one of the most popular hosted Ecommerce solutions online. From just $29 per month, Shopify will host your professional online store and allow you to sell an unlimited number of products. It boasts many useful features such as gift cards, discount codes and abandoned cart recovery.

The process of creating a store is simple. All you have to do is select one of the many high-quality pre-made store designs that are available and then start adding products. It’s easy, but there are a number of advanced features in Shopify there too.


WooCommerce is a hugely popular Ecommerce WordPress plugin that can be downloaded free of charge from It is a powerful solution that can be used to build small or large online stores.

The core version of WooCommerce has many useful settings and options for listing products, shipping, configuring taxes and more, however the real power of WooCommerce comes from its ecosystem.

There are tens of thousands of WooCommerce WordPress themes and plugins that have been created specifically for WooCommerce to help you add extra features and functionality. Just be aware that if you do require many WooCommerce plugins to run your online store, WooCommerce can become expensive.
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