What Should I do in New York?

This time next week I will be sitting on a plane heading towards the Big Apple. 10 of us are heading over for a week to New York (and 5 or 6 friends of friends will be over at the same time). It’s going to be a pretty wild week with so many people going not to mention the fact that it’s St Patrick’s day when we are there (which is one of the reasons we are going).

No doubt we will be drinking a lot over the week but we are trying to see as much of New York as we can when we are there so I would love to hear any suggestions of where to go and what to do when we are over.

Statue of Liberty

This is my 4th time to New York. Last time I stayed at the Marriott just off of Times Square but this time we are next to Madison Square Garden. So far I have :

  • went up the Empire State Building (twice is more than enough!)
  • went to the Bronx zoo
  • went to Central Park
  • went to a Yankees game (for the record I’m not a yankees fan)
  • watched USA vs Italy in the world cup down in Little Italy
  • Took a boat trip round Manhattan that went past, amongst other things, the Statue of Liberty

A few of us have been to New York before but for others it’s their first time. Thankfully, with so many people going this won’t cause any problems as some will do stuff we have done before while wel do something else.

Obviously on St Patricks day we are will not be doing anything constructive but for the other days we have suggested :

  • going to Coney Island
  • going to the Bada Bing for a few drinks. We’re all huge Soprano’s fans!
  • going to the Rockafeller Centre
  • doing a tour of the yankees stadium (not something I’ll probably do since I’ve been there)

Do you have any other suggestions of where to go? A few of us are big movie fans so pubs or cafes and other locations that have been prominent in good films would give some of us a big kick. For example, when I was watching football in Little Italy we were drinking in the pub where Johhny Depp told Pacino the diamond he had was a fugazi in Donnie Brasco. Yes I know that’s sad to people who aren’t big movie fans!


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