MobiTV trying to shut down HowardForums

Yesterday, JKOnTheRun (great site!) reported that MobiTV is trying to shut down HowardForums because of links to copyrighted material being posted on the forum.

Basically MobiTv does not protect their content and instead relies on it’s members not posting the url elsewhere…..which is clearly a very flawed assumption. Someone posted links on HowardForums and MobieTV responded by asking for the links to be removed. They replied that they cannot moderate everyones comments and it’s up yo MobiTV to protect their content. MobiTV replied by contacting the host company and telling them of the copyright violation and JK reports that there is a good chance HowardForums could get shut down.

I’m a member of HowardForums, I’m not a regular poster but I have went there for help with phones in the past and it’s very reliable. As you know, over the years I have run quite a few forums so I can appreciate HowardForums stance on this. My last forum which I recently sold (THF) had 17,000 members and required moderation on a daily basis so I can only imagine how much work it is to moderate a forum with 800,000 members.

It would be very sad if HowardForums got shut down. Let’s hope they get through this and MobiTV see the error in their ways.

You can read the full story at JKOnTheRun here

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