Why did Neo have hair when he left the Matrix?

Me and my friends are big movie buffs. We sometimes have long pointless discussions about mistakes and holes in a films plot. My friend Joe was telling me today about the discussion he had with my other mate Div about The Usual Suspects, one of the best films in the last 20 years.

They wondered what the point of the film was. If you haven’t seen the film then please stop reading as what I say here will ruin it for you (you should really go and see it).

Their argument was this. Keyser soze got everyone together so that he could kill someone who identified him. First of all, if he was so rich, why didn’t he just send in 100 bad guys to blow the boat up and kill everyone. More importantly, what was the point in his method. If he went to all that effort to kill one person who knew his face, why was did he sit in the police station for hours talking to the police investigator. So basically, in order to kill one person who knew his face, he exposed his face to half the FBI!

Neos Hair

I watched The Matrix again recently. A fantastic film was was followed by two average sequels. One thing I noticed was Neo’s hair. Answer me this : If he didn’t have hair when he was hooked up to the matrix, why did it start growing when he was unplugged? Did he find the cure for baldness?

Where is Neo's hair?
Anyone know what direction the nearest Wig store is?

Now, I am open to the argument that the machines genetically modified humans in some way for their own benefit so perhaps they removed hair from all humans. However, if they did do this, Neo would continue to have no hair when he was unplugged. So why did his hair start growing all of a sudden? The laws of evolution apply to him as well!

Surely one of the dozens of high execs who read the screenplay or saw a first draft of the movie would have questioned this?

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