Increase Your WooCommerce Sales at WooCurve Summit

According to the developers of WooCommerce, their WordPress eCommerce plugin has been downloaded over 24 million times and now powers over 28% of all stores online.

That is a staggering statistic that highlights how many people are making money using WooCommerce. One person who knows about this is Chris Mason from WooCurve. His company are known for their 1 Click-Upsells WooCommerce extension.

Between the 1st and 4th of June 2017 WooCurve are hosting a free virtual summit entitled WooCurve Summit. The summit aims to help you double your WooCommerce sales within 90 days.

What Will You Learn?

A series of experts and entrepreneurs will cover a range of topics over the four day event.

On the sales page they advise that you will learn:

  1. Which funnels you actually need in your business and which ones are a waste of time
  2. How to use webinars to sell high ticket products
  3. Stealth persuasion secrets that will nurture your prospects to buy from you again and again
  4. Five mistakes you’re making with your upsells…and what to do about them
  5. How to add continuity and recurring revenue to your business
  6. List segmentation secrets that built a $150 million business…PLUS a lot more!

The central theme of all topics is increasing income. They give you advice that will help you streamline your business and convert visitors into customers. You will see a lot of affiliate marketing techniques such as funnels and upsells being explained and shown how these techniques can be applied to your business.

The Schedule and Speakers

Every day there are great courses being presented by experienced marketers and shop owners.

Brian Kurtz, who built the company Boardroom Inc. into a company worth $150 million, is arguably the most recogisable name on the list. You will also find the founder of the WordPress company PootlePress, the VP of Product at HubSpot, and the owner of the successsful UK shoe store Xero Shoes.

WooCurve Summit
The list of speakers is impressive.

The full schedule of the summit can be seen below.

Day 1

  • “Lessons from Building a 7 Figure eCommerce Business” – Steve Sashen of Xero Shoes
  • “Finding and Eliminating the Silent Money Killers in Your Business” – Brad Griffin, who runs the most popular WooCommerce Facebook group online
  • “Stealth Persuasion Secrets that Generate More Sales Every Time” – Matt Fox of Friction Free Sales

Day 2

  • “How to Attract Thousands of Your Best Customer for Free Using This Inbound Marketing Blueprint” – Nick Holland, VP of Product at HubSpot
  • “How to Add Continuity and Recurring Revenue to Any Business” – Ryan Lee of Freedym University
  • “Understanding with the Tech Side of Running a Membership Site” – Bob Keen of Active Member 360 and iMember 360

Day 3

  • “Six Figure Conversion Tweaks You Can Make Immediately” – Jamie Marsland of PootlePress
  • “The Five Lifecycle Emails that Every Business Should Be Using” – Beka Rice of SkyVerge and SellWithWP
  • “How to Craft the Perfect Upsell” – Chris Mason of WooCurve

Day 4

  • “The Ultimate Webinar Funnel for eCommerce” – Joel Erway, a successful webinar salesman
  • “Building a $150 Million Offline Business Using the Eternal Truths of Direct Marketing” – Brian Kurtz,
    one of the biggest names in the marketing world

As you can see, the summit has a good mixture of experienced developers, marketers, and online shop owners. You are bound to pick up a lot of great tips from the coaches who are on board.

Reserve Your Free Seat

What’s the catch?

Surely there’s a catch, isn’t there?

Actually, no, there isn’t one. All you have to do is enter your name and email address to attend the summit. You don’t have to reach for your credit card.

Chris Mason is monetising the event by selling the recordings of the course afterwards. Those that attend the free summit will get the opportunity to get the videos at a reduced price and will also be offered a chance to purchase WooCurve’s upsell extension at a reduced rate too.

Since WooCurve Summit is a live event, I cannot say how the summit will go; though the strength of the speakers suggests that this is going to be a great course.

I highly recommend signing up for the event. It’s being marketed towards WooCommerce store owners, but I believe all marketers will get something from attending.

It starts this Thursday on 1 June 2017 so be sure to sign up as soon as you can.

Good luck.

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