How to Earn Up to $7,500 for One Referral with WP Engine

Do you want to know how to make more money on the internet? Do you want to make more money working from home?

Then step right this way and I will give you a golden ticket.

Now that we have the marketing spiel out of the way, I can actually start delving into the point of this article (which I am sure you have worked out from the title anyways!).

WP Engine are a managed WordPress hosting company that have a great presence in the WordPress world. To put it bluntly, they pay a crap load of money to affiliates who promote their service.

High payouts are common in the hosting world, but WP Engine’s affiliate program is very competitive. They will pay you at least $200 per referred customer.

If the customer chooses a monthly hosting plan that costs more than $200, they will match that 100% payment and pay it to you as a commission. The most you can earn is a whopping $7,500 from a referral. That’s insane. Do you know of any other program that can earn you that amount of money from one customer?

I will explain in detail why I have not yet promoted WP Engine later this week so please stay tuned for that. In the meantime, please allow me to keep on my internet marketing hat and explain why this is such a good affiliate program to join.

The WP Engine Affiliate Program

When I went to WordCamp Europe 2016 in Vienna recently I heard about how some WordPress bloggers were killing it with WP Engine and making tens of thousands of dollars in referral commissions every month. That is the kind of cheddar that sends alarm bells ringing in any affiliate marketer.

There are a few reasons why their affiliate program is so profitable.

Firstly, WP Engine is a popular service that is well liked by many people in the WordPress community (many do not like their service, but that can be said about many other large hosting companies).

Secondly, their hosting plans are more expensive that traditional hosting companies which is how they can pay higher commissions.

They have five pricing plans. The first three cost $29 per month, $99 per month, and $249 per month. If you refer someone to WP Engine and they purchase one of those plans you will earn a commission of $200, $200, or $249 respectively (yes you will receive a commission of $200 for referring someone to their cheapest hosting plan).

WP Engine’s premium and enterprise grade plans cost much more. The exact cost depends on what setup the customer chooses. If someone opts for one of those more expensive plans, your commission for one customer could be in the thousands. That’s a helluva lot of cash for one referral.

WP Engine Affiliate Program
WP Engine’s affiliate program has the potential to pay you a mega payout with just one referral.

Another big selling points is that WP Engine host their affiliate program on ShareASale. They are a reputable affiliate network so you don’t have to worry about any in-house shenanigans messing about with your stats. The program has two levels and will reward you for referring sub-affiliates too. Cookies also last a healthy 180 days.

In short, the WP Engine affiliate program presents a good opportunity for earning a lot of money. You can promote them using banner links or via a review of their service. You could also send a blast out to your email list.

Go Check Them Out

I will talk about WP Engine as a service at a later date and do a in-depth review of their service for my hosting guide. All I wanted to do in this article was stress this opportunity available to you.

Those of you who have experience in affiliate marketing or who actively talk about WordPress, blogging, or other website issues on your blog, should take a close look at the WP Engine affiliate program. All you need is one commission to make it worthwhile.

Good luck.


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