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I was lucky enough to meet a lot of interesting people in Vienna when I was there for WordCamp Europe 2016. One interesting person I met was Eugeniu Topolschi who works with the highly successful WordPress theme company Tesla Themes.

Their latest Project is WPmatic. Launched today, WPmatic is a WordPress support service that offers one on one support for everything related to WordPress.

WPmatic provides support on a wide number of topics.

WordPress support services are growing in popularity as they allow website owners to spend time working on their websites instead of troubleshooting them.

Tesla Themes have a great reputation for providing solid support to their theme customers so launching WPmatic was an obvious evolution of their company.

What Does WPmatic Offer?

The process of getting help through WPmatic is straight-forward.

All you have to do is submit a ticket describing the problem you have and someone from WPmatic will resolve it for you. You can open tickets for help with general WordPress support, website customisation, design requests, fixes, and performance issues.

I really love how simple they have made the process of submitting a ticket. A pencil icon is displayed on WPmatic at all times at the bottom right-hand side of the page. All you have to do is click on the icon and the ticket submission form will pop up.

Submitting a Ticket
Submitting a ticket takes seconds.

You may not have to create a support ticket as WPmatic has a huge archive of detailed tutorials on their website. You do not even have to be logged in to view these.

These tutorials help address a lot of common WordPress problems such as migration, the white screen of death, removing malware, and more. I suspect this archive will grow as time goes by.

WPmatic Tutorials
I recommend checking the WPmatic tutorial archive for answers to common problems.

Normally, the quality of a new service is unknown, however since WPmatic is simply an expansion of the support and customisation services offered by Tesla Themes, the structure is already in place to offer great support.

WPmatic Pricing

WPmatic have three main pricing plans: Starter, Business, and Enterprise. These retail at $59 per month, $99 per month, and $159 per month. If you choose to pay on a yearly basis you will save money and drop the effective monthly rate down to $46 per month, $79 per month, and $124 per month.

All plans include site maintenance (updates for the core, themes, plugins etc), small fixes, weekly backups to Amazon S3, 24 hour live email and chat support, unlimited small jobs for one website, security and performance and SEO plugin integration, spam and malware cleanup, website health checks, and more.

WPmatic Pricing
The WPmatic service plans.

Opting for the business plan gives you access to every Tesla Themes WordPress design, speed optimisation, theme and plugin fixes, security configuration, a weekly security scan, and a maximum of two jobs per day.

Upgrading to the enterprise plan adds a personal concierge, WordPress website migration, one hour of website customisations every month, and daily backups instead of weekly.

Theme customisation tickets can also be opened for $57 each on a one-off basis and minor customisations at a cost of $33 a ticket.

WPmatic Membership Types
WPmatic Membership Types

If you do not know which plan to choose, you can sign up to WPmatic free of charge and then submit a ticket when a problem raises its ugly head. They will then give you a quote and recommendation on the best plan or ticket option to choose.

Final Thoughts

WPmatic is the type of service I need to start looking at myself as in the past I have always had a hands-on approach to resolving problems. This means that my time is frequently taken up by troubleshooting small problems instead of more important tasks such as writing or marketing. I am sure many of you are the same.

If you are needing help with WordPress, or if you simply want to free up your own time and stop spending so much time troubleshooting your website, then I recommend checking WPmatic out. It looks like a great service.

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