Display RSS Feeds on Your WordPress Website with WP RSS Aggregator

With the news of Google Reader closing down in a few months, many people are looking for alternative ways to read their favourite news websites and blogs.

Jean Galea today shared with me a link to his WP RSS Aggregator WordPress plugin. The plugin allows you to create a page on your website that displays the latest feeds.

To enter a new feed, all you need to do is enter the feed URL. A description can also be added if you wish.

Add a new feed

Once a feed has been submitted, you can see a preview of the feeds latest articles.

Preview Feed

The Imported Feeds shows you all the articles that will be displayed on your page.

Imported Feeds

In the settings area, you can change the number of items displayed, how links are opened, and whether the nofollow tag is attached to links.

WP RSS Aggregator Settings

You can see the plugin action on WP Mayor at: wpmayor.com/wordpress-news/.

WP RSS Aggregator in action

WP RSS Aggregator is not a replacement for an RSS reader. There is no functionality for importing feeds and feeds cannot be filtered into categories. Plus, it’s not practical to use something like this to track hundreds of blogs, as it will add a lot of load to your server needlessly (why not place this load on someone else’s server).

It is a great plugin for listing the latest articles from other websites; be it news websites or from websites your friends owned. I would love to see a widget added, as this would allow bloggers to partner up and list each others latest posts in the sidebar. I recommend checking it out if you would like to create a list of articles from external sources.


Link: WP RSS Aggregator

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