5 Great WordPress Stats Plugins

Traffic analysis is an important part of tracking the growth of your website, and seeing where traffic is coming from. This helps you plan out future decisions for your website such as what topics to write about.

You probably all use Google Analytics to anaylyse your traffic. I use the free service actively and have never had any complaints. In many ways, it has been established as the de-facto traffic tracking service of website owners. For example, the website marketplace Flippa asks all website sellers to submit traffic evidence using the service.

WordPress users have many plugin solutions available to them that monitors traffic directly through their website. This allows you to analyse your traffic directly and provides you with data that Google Analytics may not.

Today I would like to share with you 5 of the best stats plugins for WordPress. I hope you find the list useful.

5 WordPress Plugins to Track Your Stats

1. FeedStats

FeedStats is a very simple stats program that only displays daily visits and referrers. The number of days that stats are tracked can be defined and you can set the minimum user level that a person has to be to view stats.


2. JetPack

The JetPack plugin includes a good stats module. It shows unique visits from the last days, weeks, and months. On the main dashboard area, statistics are shown for the current day and the day before for referrers, top posts and pages, search engine keywords, and clicks.

JetPack Stats

Each type of statistic can be viewed in more detail. The plugin keeps information from the day you first started using the plugin. Additionally, at the end of the year, Jetpack sends you an end of year report that shows you the most popular articles from the previous 12 months.

JetPack Stats

3. Advanced Blog Metrics

Advanced Blog Metrics is a stats program that was designed with bloggers in mind. It adds a series of info boxes to your WordPress dashboard including which posts have the most comments and what days are posts getting the most comments (Wednesday for me).

Advanced Blog Metrics

It also shows you what days you publish on and what posts are getting shared most on Facebook. It’s a good plugin for those of you who want to know which days you should publish articles.

Advanced Blog Metrics

4. WP-Stats-Dashboard

WP-Stats-Dashboard is a statistics plugin that has an emphasis on social media. It shows you how many shares and bookmarks you have on major social media services. Normal traffic stats such as search engine keywords, daily visits and clicks, are also recorded.


5. WassUp Real Time Analytics

WassUp Real Time Analytics tracks a lot of information such as referrers, search engine spiders, search engine terms, clicks, operating systems, spam and hack attempts, and much more.

WassUp Real Time Analytics

Do you know of another good WordPress stats program? If so, please feel free to share it in the comment area :)


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